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August 14, 2015 / jadettman

Amber: Session 9

Izaya woke up in Keyne’s tent. He had Trumped her after escaping from the mountain. They went to investigate Izaya’s new Shadow. There they discovered that the demon cave had suffered a cave in. Further investigation in nearby Shadows also turned up the interesting fact that no other orphaned Finn’s existed. Keyne offered to orphan a non-orphaned Finn for Izaya but he declined.

Tristam Trumped back to Amber after determining that the threat to Marchport was over, at least for the moment. He spoke with Oberon about the situation, providing all of the essential details. When Oberon indicated that Amber would cut its losses and get a new Shadow for citrus production, Tristam insisted that the Shadow could be rehabilitated and promising that he would see to it personally.

Izaya and Keyne , finding the situation around the Shadow of the cave odd, decided to visit the mountain Izaya had escaped from. Searching around, they were unable to find the door. Izaya began to construct a spell and Keyne, after telling Namieki to keep watch, began to draw a Trump of the area. Mid-way through spellcasting, Izaya noticed movement  but didn’t want to lose his spell. Rushing to finish it before something unfortunate happened, he failed and Keyne was shot by an arrow. It turned out that there were three strange individuals on a higher outcropping shooting at them. Keyne moved for cover and then Trumped to safety. Izaya engaged the three in combat, and also the wyvern that squeezed itself out of the mountain to assist, ultimately proving victorious and taking one of the three prisoner.

Tristam hired some resourceful individuals to assist him in his work. They then sailed around and discovered that small attacks had been made on trade Shadows over the course of several years. Typically Caine was sent out to deal harshly with these kinds of problems but in a number of those incidents Caine was unable to track down the perpetrators.

Keyne spent some time in Clarissa’s Tower having her arrow wound tended to. After recovering for a little while she went to Amber to spend some time on her estate. She soon discovered that it was boring and returned to the Tower.

Izaya took his prisoner back to the Shadow he inherited from his mother and questioned it. It didn’t provide a lot of information but what it did was odd: it referred to Izaya as a horse-lover and said that its people were from before Amber. Izaya also fed the creature some raw meat and a bowl of milk (which it lapped up like a cat). Izaya then returned it to the mountain and released it.

Tristam got a call from Fiona and promised to come visit Clarissa.

Keyne returned to Amber briefly to talk to Izaya.

Keyne and Isolde had tea and lemon cookies with Fiona and Clarissa. Isolde was very interested in why Clarisssa didn’t eat her favorite cookies. Fiona examined the arrow that Keyne had been shot with and discovered that it lacked any Pattern energy.

July 16, 2015 / jadettman

Amber Session 8

Keyne spent most of the session exploring the Shadows beyond the boundary of the Pattern’s influence. She moved carefully, realizing these Shadows were more dangerous to her than those she is used to. While exploring, she was surprised by an armored individual riding a flying white worm. After several attempts to continue exploring, and more encounters with the armored person who eventually introduced himself(?) as Herne. The flying white worm was not named. After her final conversation with Herne, Keyne returned to Amber and had hush-puppies.

Izaya decided that he would definitely enter the demon cave. Eventually. First, he decided to do some more research. After poking around in some nearby villages, Izaya rode to the seat of the local King. On the way, he saw that the kingdom was in bad straits. Marchport, too, was quite run down. Once there, Izaya recruited a street urchin named Finn to assist him. He learned that long ago the King made a deal with the demon in the demon cave for prosperity for the kingdom in exchange for a yearly virgin. Then, in the more recent past, the one of the king’s sons decided to slay the demon which didn’t go well. Finn arranged for a meeting with the current King who actually explained that he was responsible for the situation. After that, Izaya and Finn went to the demon’s cave and entered. Many mysterious things happened, particularly they encountered three hooded figures that spoke in unison and answered questions for them. In exchange for his answers, Izaya gave the Three Finn as a gift. Izaya then got lost on the obsidian plains until he was lead out by the woman who was reborn from his mother.

Oku’le had been planning to visit Tir Na’Nogth with Izaya but, when the time of the full moon got near, Izaya was not answering his Trump. Oku’le decided to go on his own anyway. He had to do some research beginning with the palace librarian but he eventually learned enough to get him to the stairs to Tir. There he camped while he waited for Tir to appear. When it did, he became hesitant about the situation and called Julian for help. After being reassured by Julian, Oku’le ran up to the stairs to the ghost city. Once there, he climbed to the highest tower he could find. There he discovered that a large part of the city had been destroyed by what looked like the impact of a very large club. Lots of destruction. When he learned that he couldn’t interact with anyone, he moved on the palace where he went to the throne room. In the throne room he discovered an unknown individual on the throne with Julian, Izaya, and Tristam kneeling before them in chains. Keyne was suspiciously unchained standing to one side between the throne and the prisoners. For a moment, it looked like and armored figure was going to execute Julian but it’s hand was stayed at the last moment by the person on the throne. Julian then Trumped Oku’le away from Tir before the sun came up. Oku’le proceeded to tell Julian all about his visions.

Tristam wandered around Amber palace intentionally looking for someone to give him something to do. Eventually, he ran into Oberon, literally. Oberon, after being reminded of who Tristam is, told him to come to his study later. There, Oberon sent Tristam on a mission to discover what was disrupting the shipments of citrus from Amber’s trade Shadows. He gave him the courier ship Black Sparrow and her crew to complete his mission. They traveled to the the trade Shadow and discovered that the locals were burning down their orchards. With his steady companion Arturo, Tristam was able to put a stop to the burning and learned that a red-headed singer had entranced the people and convinced them destroy the orchards. They told Tristam that the singer had introduced herself as Fiona (not that Fiona) and had been coming around for months trying to convince the village elders not to trade with Amber. Recently she’d brought a guy named Lon with her who paid them for their next crop, which is why Amber had been shorted in their most recent shipment.

July 10, 2015 / jadettman

Amber: Session 7

Keyne spent a few weeks working on her big art project in Shadow. After which, she decided to go relax in other Shadows.

Izaya spent time researching mythology in his mother’s home Shadow to determine whether precedent exists for the transformation of his mother’s body. There was some mythical stories featuring similar ideas but all of them involved local gods, not mortals. Somewhat disappointed, Izaya returned to Amber.

Oku’le spent time training with Julian’s Rangers in Arden. He learned many new skills: horseback riding, use of hunting birds, camouflage, stealth, use of a longbow and a short bow from horseback, basic tracking, and use of a sword.

Tristam spent a lot of time in the city as Isolde, drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet.

Keyne went on a trip with Brand to the edge of Shadow. There Brand showed her what he thought might be a place outside of what he called Amber’s “Shadow Array.” He also showed her that the place somehow reacted to the minds of those present, if their mental barriers were sufficiently lowered. In that way, he treated Keyne to a psychic light-show of the craziness inside his head. Keyne was a bit freaked.

Izaya visited one of the Dworkin’s old workshops searching for anything that his old teacher may have left behind. When a cursory conventional search turned up nothing, Izaya cast a spell to see if there was anything hidden he hadn’t found. In response to the spell, Izaya heard a clacking sound emanating from Dworkin’s desk. Upon investigation, he discovered a glowing skull that had fallen behind the desk. After cautiously inspecting it without touching it for a time, the skull, apparently, grew impatient and spoke to Izaya, coaxing him into picking it up. When doing so, Izaya noticed a tingling in his fingers and hand but no other side-effects. Izaya and the skull had a brief conversation then Izaya put the skull in a box and took it with him.

Tristam got a call from Corwin asking him to find out what was going on with Deirdre since she wasn’t answering his Trump calls. So, Tristam took a break from his vacation as Isolde and called Deirdre to find out how she was. They made small talk and Deirdre told Tristam that she was just relaxing in Shadow and that Tristam was welcome to join her. Tristam said that he might take her up on the offer but that he had to finish some business in Amber first. At which time, he reported to Corwin that Deirdre was fine.

Oku’le took a break from his Ranger training to test out his Patternwalking ability. He took a horse into Shadow and used the Pattern to find the Shadow where he watched Random get stabbed. Afterword he called Izaya for a quick return to Amber.

Keyne went on a different field trip with Brand. He took her to a superficially normal Shadow that was very far from Amber. It turned out that beyond a certain point Shadow behaved differently than what Keyne was familiar with. After some experimentation, Keyne thought this was pretty great and wandered off a few Shadows toward Amber to make a Trump.

Izaya and Oku’le have a conversation I wasn’t privy to. Then they talk to the glowing skull about what it can do before separating.

Tristam went to visit Deirdre. She was in a military encampment, leading an army against some barbarians or something. Deirdre explained that she was known by the rank of Warlord in this place and that she was fighting some tribes that had a beef with her chosen kingdom. They then fought a battle which Tristam spent conservatively attempting to avoid injury but doing a decent job of holding his own. Afterward they had dinner. Tristam stayed the night and then returned to Amber.

Keyne went and talked to Fiona about Brand. They discussed his history of mental illness and what the red-heads had done in the past to try to help him.

Izaya took his new glowing skull friend on a field trip out in the Shadow. They visited the place where Izaya’s mother transformed and the two of them began tracking the new person she had become. They ended up at the mouth of a cave. Skull cautioned against entering because it sense strange emanations. Izaya camped out and some locals wandered by and told him that it was a demon cave.

Oku’le made his way back to Arden of foot while testing the limits of his shapeshifing. He discovered that everything took a really long time to accomplish. In Arden, he resumed his Ranger training with Julian and discovered some of his physical capabilities.

Tristam had dinner with Gerard who urged him to spend time in Shadow finding himself and get away from Corwin for a little while. Then Gerard told Tristam a sad story about his youth.

June 27, 2015 / jadettman

Amber: Session 6

(Alicia took notes)

Okule wants to go to Tir Na’nogth.

Tristam spent time researching funeral rites of the Royal Family of Amber. Since the last death of a Royal Family member had been some time ago, Tristam had difficulty turning things up in the archives. It took a fair amount of time.

Keyne and Random were traveling together but they got on each other’s nerves. Random was give Keyne a lot of attitude and they had an argument which ended with Random stomping off into Shadow in a huff.

Izaya trumped Benedict and took Oku’le through to him. There he discovers that Sumire’s condition has continued to worsen. Sumire had a glow that seemed to be coming through her skin and her face had taken on the appearance of porcelain with a crack developing on one cheek. When asked, Oku’le reported that he was able to see the glow but not the crack.

Keyne returned to Clarissa’s Tower to see see what was going on. There she had a conversation with Clarissa about recent events.

Tristam continued delving into the archives and learning about the deaths of various Amberites of times past and the rituals of various religions of Amber’s inhabitants. He and Gerard arranged for a tomb to be built for Random. They also sent out invitations.

In other news, Flora left Amber without telling anyone. Caine was working on rebuilding Amber’s Navy after many ships were destroyed in the big storm. Julian was consolidating his control of Arden.

Sumire’s health worsened. Izaya climbed into bed with his mother to provide comfort. He and Benedict spent the night with her and she passed precisely at midnight. Izaya didn’t take this all that well and spent an uncomfortably long time in his mother’s deathbed. Oku’le tried to pry him out with little success.

Oberon Trumped Keyne to get the skinny on the happenings in Amber and was disappointed to discover that she wasn’t there. When she told him that Corwin had called for her detainment he said that he would deal with the problem. Afterward, Keyne attempted to Trump Izaya but got no answer.

Tristam and Gerard have a meeting with Corwin in which Tristam tries to say as little as possible. The meeting is about the final details of Random’s funeral. Corwin was being his usual charming self. He got a Trump call but refused to take it. The caller was insistent but Corwin still refused. Eventually, an image of Oberon appeared above Corwin’s desk and instructs his son angrily. Tristam did his best not to laugh. After, Corwin clearly had his back up and was going to take it out on Tristam but instead Gerard took Tristam with him, defying Corwin.

Benedict returned to Sumire’s bedroom to pry Izaya loose. Izaya gave his father some lip about Sumire’s death being Benedict’s fault. In response, Benedict cuffed Izaya, knocking him to the ground, and gave him a stern talking to about acting like an adult. They prepare for the funeral.

While Izaya got ready, Oku’le talked to Benedict about why Julian was always busy when he tried to Trump him. They talked about Arden being the main land route into Amber and the endemic manticore problem in the forest.

Benedict, Izaya, and Oku’le attended Sumire’s funeral.

Keyne Trumped Fiona and discovered that she was out working on a blockage in Clarissa’s magical energy flows. That discussed some things. Probably Brand and such.

Oku’le Trumps Julian who brought him through to Arden where they talked.

Izaya, as his mother’s last wish, took Sumire’s body into the wilderness and there he waited. Three days after her death, at the stroke of midnight, Sumire’s body spontaneously caught fire and, from the ashes, a new woman rose. She did not know her name when Izaya asked it of her and told him that she heard music that she needed to follow. When asked if he could go with her, she told Izaya no.

Everyone attended Random’s funeral at the Temple of the Unicorn where Corwin did his thing, Deirdre and Flora didn’t show up, and Gerard gave a touching eulogy. Afterward, the family accompanied the body to the tomb.

Other stuff happens, too. Don’t have notes for it or remember it.  : (

May 29, 2015 / jadettman

Amber Session 5

Keyne found a shadow of Random and stabbed him in the gut. While he was bleeding, she drew a Trump sketch and then put in his wound. She then transported him to a hospital and had him sewn up and sedated.

Sumire called Izaya on his Trump to talk about her death and funeral. This upset Izaya somewhat, so Izaya went to talk to his mother and father in person. He talked to his mother about why she thought she was going to die but all she said was that they had waited too long to leave Amber. Afterward, Izaya went out to the gardens to speak to his father. Benedict was planting and Izaya insisted on knowing why his mother was not recovering better. Benedict had no satisfactory answers. At that point, Izaya filled Benedict in on the situation in Amber. His father told him that if he would stay with his mother, Benedict would go out looking for Eric again. Izaya said he had some things left to do but that he would keep it in mind.

Oku’le attempted to navigate to the Pattern he had seen when Random was stabbed but had difficulty. Part of this difficulty was his inexperience using the Pattern, so he spent time practicing and learned that the Shadows he was passing through could be spoken to.

After receiving a Trump from Brand letting her know that his distraction was in motion, Keyne trumped to Amber where she switched the fake Random for the real Random. She then slit the throat of her fake Random and Trumped the real Random back to her hospital in shadow.

Tristam had a conversation with his father in which he tried to throw some shade for Keyne but Corwin didn’t seem to be buying. In response, Tristam gave his father some sass and Corwin gave him a stern talking to which emphasized the fact that Corwin was in charge now, the delicate situation in Amber, that Corwin was in charge now, the importance of Tristam as Corwin’s heir, and that Corwin was in charge now. Tristam was also emphatically informed that he was not to leave Amber.

Izaya and Oku’le were reunited in their zeppelin where they discovered that Oku’le’s Pattern-working had brought them back to Amber. When they discover that they were circling Amber, they started to make other plans and then they ran into a storm.

In response to the storm, Izaya had a bad feeling and Trumped Tristam to discover the situation in Amber. At which point Izaya and Oku’le returned to Amber in a rush, by Trumping Flora in the palace. There they discovered Random dead with his throat cut. Izaya then asked everyone to leave so that he could magic the scene to see if he could find out what happened.

Tristam went to find his father who in the tallest tower of the palace. There he found Corwin using the Pattern and previously unsuspected magical abilities to try to turn the tide on the storm assaulting Amber. Tristam informed Corwin that Random was dead but did little else to disturb him.

Florimel and Oku’le went to have a late night snack. When Flora wasn’t looking, Oku’le used the magic compass that Llewella had given him and got an interesting reading. He decided that he might have found out who his mother is. After asking Flora about this, she quickly left him in the kitchens bearing two bottle of wine. Oku’le then called Julian who promised to talk to him soon.

After discovering what happened to Random, Izaya refused to tell Tristam what he had discovered. Izaya then Trumped Keyne and they had a conversation. (off in a corner where I couldn’t hear)

Oku’le found Tristam and told him the possible news of his mother. The talked a little before Tristam was Trumped by Izaya.

Tristan and Izaya then had a long talk about the situation in Amber (again, I wasn’t paying much attention) during which Oku’le wandered a bit and ended up returning to the room with Random’s corpse. At some point, Julian returned to the palace and spoke with Oku’le and asked him to stay with the body until he could send guards to watch the room.

Keyne had a talk with Fiona in which they discussed attempting to contain Brand and his craziness. Fiona was hoping that Keyne could lure Brand to Clarissa’s Tower but Keyne was dubious.

Then we had a restful period of a few days while Tristam helped arrange for Random’s funeral, Keyne babysat the real random, and Izaya and Oku’le spend time with Sumire while Benedict went looking for Eric.

May 17, 2015 / jadettman

Amber: The Players

Izaya (Played by Alicia): Son of Benedict and Sumire. Izaya tried to follow in his father’s footsteps but found that he had more interest in magic than in swording or leading armies. Benedict arranged for Izaya to study with Dworkin and Izaya is believed to be the last person to see Dworkin before his disappearance, death or what-have-you.

Keyne (Played by Britt): Daughter of Bleys. Keyne grew up with her grandmother, Clarissa, in her Tower of Seven Gates. She was tutored in various esoteric and occult studies by Clarissa, Fiona, Brand, and Bleys but Trump was where she devoted herself, though Brand was uninterested in working with her because he felt her talent was un-extraordinary. Despite that, she muddled through with help from the rest of her family.

Oku’le (Played by Tyronne): Parent unknown. Oku’le was left on the doorstep of a monastery when he was infant. Shortly afterward, the monks declared Oku’le to be the 37th incarnation of the Gogulach. From that point forward, he was trained in the monastery and eventually grew to become the most powerful and beloved Gogulach the world had ever known. He was known as a wise man and a seer.

Tristam (Played by Matt): Tristam is the daughter of Corwin. Tristam was born in Avalon. Corwin refused to except that his child was a daughter, naming her Tristam and representing her as a boy to his subjects and raising her as his son. Sometime during her teenage years Tristam learned that she could change her gender at will, though it wasn’t a permanent change. Tristam fled with Corwin back to Amber when the bordering countries banded together to remove Corwin from power. At some point, Tristam developed the persona of Isolde to go out in public as a woman.

May 14, 2015 / jadettman

Amber Session 4

Isolde went looking for the playwright of The Fall of the Demon Prince. Using her cover as a bookseller, she talked the playwright into letting her tag along while he visited with the local nobility. During the course of the day, Isolde determined that Eric was not in the Keep of Avalon.

Izaya, Keyne, and Oku’le spoke briefly before splitting up. Keyne and Oku’le retired to their rooms to rest before Keyne began the task of drawing Oku’le’s Trump. Meanwhile, Izaya contacted Corwin to tell him he was needed in Amber. Corwin said he need time to gather his things so, after a brief wait, Corwin called Izaya back and came through to Amber. Once there, he barged in on Random’s sickroom to interrogate Gerard on Random’s condition. After, Izaya said he wanted to talk to Corwin and they agreed to meet soon.

After her time in the Keep, Isolde and the playwright went to the performance of The Fall of the Demon Prince where she again found Morgan. They went for a walk and had a conversation. Isolde told Morgan that she was looking for a lost Amberite, though whether he had chosen to lose himself or had become lost was left ambiguous. Morgan suggested she might help find Isolde’s missing Amberite if Isolde would agree to a bargain. In exchange for a favor (and not one that Isolde would be unwilling to give), Morgan agreed to seek out Eric. Isolde agreed, then asked if Morgan had the ability to search beyond Avalon and whether she would be able to contact her if she discovered anything. Yes, Morgan said, they are now connected.

Keyne and Oku’le began the process of creating a Trump of Oku’le. (The players were left to talk, so I don’t know what they talked about.)

Izaya had his meeting with Corwin to discuss the situation, focusing largely on Eric’s disappearance. Izaya told Corwin that he didn’t believe that Corwin was responsible for Eric being missing. He also told Corwin about his investigation into their fateful hunting trip together into Arden. Izaya told him about the magical interference at the scene, hiding the truth of the situation. Corwin acknowledged the work that Izaya had done but also made it clear that, since there was no way to prove who was responsible, it didn’t really matter that Izaya believe that an outside force was working to cause chaos in Amber.

There was a time gap while Corwin had numerous meetings with Gerard, Caine, and Julian to make sure that Amber’s defenses were in order.

Keyne worked on Oku’le’s Trump. There were many questions asked and various poses attempted. It took a few days.

Tristam returned to Amber, taking a leisurely ride. Once back, Tristam sought out Keyne, who was just finishing up Oku’le’s Trump. After a brief coke break, the three of them had a conversation that lead to Tristam and Oku’le heading down to the harbor to take a boat ride.

On the way to go sailing, Tristam and Oku’le were intercepted by Izaya who wanted to take Oku’le to Rebma to see if she could help uncover the identity of his royal parent. Oku’le decided he’d rather do that than go for a boat ride for the first time. Izaya Trumped Llewella and the three of them went through to Rebma.

Izaya asked to Llewella to help Oku’le and Llewella agreed to try. After taking some blood, Llewella began the spell work. After a wait, Llewella informed them she couldn’t determine who Oku’le’s parent is but she might have another solution. While Llewella worked, the four of them talked about what had happened when Random was stabbed. Llewella was particularly interested in the special effects of the person who had initiated the Trump attack. Llewella felt that Keyne should be questioned closely since she is the only one known to have Trump abilities. Tristam, Izaya, and Oku’le found this line of reasoning interesting and told Llewella that they would think about it.

At this point, the three PCs decided to split up. Izaya and Oku’le Trumped into Shadow to find a dirigible and Tristam returned to Amber. Tristam then Trumped Corwin and told his father his misgivings about the situation and Keyne’s shifty behavior. Corwin called for the guards and closed the contact.

After that, Tristam Trumped Keyne to tell her what he’d done. It was the awkward beginning to a conversation that was abruptly ended when Keyne cut off the call. She promptly moved herself to another location and then Trumped Tristam back. They then continued their awkward conversation.

Izaya and Oku’le set out to see if they could find the location that Oku’le saw when Random was stabbed.

Keyne Trumped Brand and had another uncomfortable conversation in which Brand offered to bring Keyne fully into the redhead conspiracy if she agreed to kill Random. There was also some talk of Brand having a plan in motion that would result in the destruction of the Amber fleets if Gerard and Caine did not act to prevent it, which would allow Keyne an opening to kill Random. After their conversation, Keyne left to think about what she should do.