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May 1, 2006 / jadettman

Monster: Character Classes?

I’ve been toying with using either a point-buy system (ala Mutants & Masterminds) or using character classes adapted from the SRD or Iron Heroes for Monster.

Both have a certain appeal to me from a design standpoint:

Using classes allows me to focus character building around key setting concepts, thus preventing the “too open ended” complaint when it comes to players building characters. The downside to classes is losing the sense of freedom available with a point-buy system.

Point-buy, on the other hand, allow for much more flexible character designs. A player can really build the character that they want to play without trying ‘break out’ of the chargen system. The downside is that you can get characters that just won’t work well together because the players have very different ideas about what the game is going to be.

Yep, I think for the first iteration I’m going to go with character classes. I can worry about making adjustments to that in later iterations.



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