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May 20, 2006 / jadettman


334 State St.
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 251-3626

The Short:
Britt and I visited Chautara with Britt’s mother and we all gave it the Thumbs Up! Fantastic food but a bit on the pricey side (though Britt feels that it was well worth the price).

The Long:
Britt and I had dinner with her mother at Chautara. The atmosphere was pleasant but a bit on the cool side (as in the air-conditioning could have been left off).

Britt had the Tuna with Lemon Chutney and I had one of the daily specials, Chicken Tandoori with Steamed Vegetables. I also ordered a Samosa.

Britt tells me that the Tuna was reasonable but the Lemon Chutney sauce was tasty and good; all in all not the standout meal at our table. On the other hand, she also tells me that the Mango Chutney that came with her mother’s meal was fantastic!

As for me, the Tandoori Chicken was probably the best of its kind that I’ve had. The chicken was moist, flavorful, and perfectly spiced, served with a deliciously complementary yogurt sauce of some kind. The steamed vegetables that came with the dish were fairly standard; a mix of green beans, grean peppers, baby carrots, onions and cauliflower, all of which were perfectly tasty but not standout.

The samosa that I ordered ended up coming late (which will lead into my one complaint, that is actually less about Chautara than it is about restaurants that don’t write your orders down in general*). As I said, it arrived late but clearly had just been prepared. The pastry was flaky and delicious, the curried vegetables within were subtly spiced (a little to subtle for my palate unfortunately, but Britt said they were fantastic) and the sauce they were served with was the perfect complement.

Overall Rating:Two Thumbs Up! When we visit Madison in the future, Chautara will definitely be on our restaurant list.

*That said, restaurants really should just have their servers write down a table’s order. Sure, if the server does get all of the orders exactly correct it may be impressive to that 1% of patrons that actually pay attention to such things, but if the server screws up the order its going to be noticed by 99.9% of patrons. That’s just going to annoy them. If you’ve got great food, maybe you can afford to annoy them but when I’m paying $100 for a three-person meal, I don’t like to be annoyed.

So, please, just write down my order so that my appetizer doesn’t arrive halfway through my meal because I reminded you that I ordered it.


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