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June 22, 2006 / jadettman

Acheron City

This is an idea that I had rolling around in my head yesterday. Maybe I’ll get around to doing this as a detailed M&M Superlink write-up for Cracked Mirror, maybe I won’t. Either way, I thought I’d share.

On New Millenium’s Eve, December 2000, the world’s greatest superheroes fought a deperate battle for the fate of a major American city. Those heroes failed.

Today, no one remembers the city’s original name. The spell cast that night six years ago erased a proud city’s history and plunged it into eternal night. The villain responsible renamed the city Acheron and that is what everyone has called it since.

Of course, many of the citizens of Acheron City have fled. Many couldn’t take the constant darkness, and those that could were concerned about the sudden increase in the vampire population. Some have stayed, but often it is because they have nowhere else to go or can’t afford to leave.

And then there are the new immigrants: vampires aren’t the only creatures attracted to the darkness. Dark fae creatures have made their home on Lantern Hill, and strange cults in myriad variety have settled in Riverside.

Magical creatures are not the only Underworld to find the perpetual night of Acheron City attractive, either. Criminal organizations, once the hidden cockroaches scurrying beneath the feet of the city, have emerged to claim whole city-blocks as their own. Whether they’ve made ‘deals’ with the nightmare creatures that stalk the streets now or carry silver bullets in their guns, the Families have taken ‘protection money’ to a whole new level.

“Where are the heroes in all this,” you may ask? Most of the old heroes are gone. Some never returned from that fateful battle six years ago, others were simply not equipped to fight creatures of magic and myth, but what few remain have been joined by new heroes; heroes who do not fear the darkness.


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