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August 13, 2006 / jadettman

A break from RPG theory

Starting today, I’m going to make an effort not to think about roleplaying theory for a while and, to help that effort, I’m going to be deleting some of my links.

This doesn’t mean I’m never going to come back to RPG theory but then again it might.

What caused this change? I read a thread on yesterday that really ‘clicked’ with me. Here’s a link to the thread: [Realisation] Theory is a waste of my precious time

Catchy title, huh? 😉



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  1. Dan / Aug 14 2006 1:23 pm

    I began to feel that I was essentially doing this (talking about gaming much more than I was actually gaming) a number of years ago, and began to yearn for the days when I actually spent my time on gaming rather than thinking about gaming.

    Maybe it’s just that it’s easier to do in bits and pieces, so to speak? And maybe because many of us are academics at heart, we’re infatuated with studying the process, so to speak?
    But then again, I do know many people who care not one whit for the process and theory, so to speak.

  2. J.A. Dettman / Aug 15 2006 9:16 am

    Yeah, I really do think it’s all about time.

    As we get older and accrue more responsibilities, we just don’t have as much time to play as we used to, so we substitute thinking and talking about playing for the act itself.

    And yes, sure, because many of us are academics, or are used to coming at situations from a logical standpoint, we attempt to create hypotheses about gaming in an attempt to create ‘better’ gaming for when we finally do get the time to play.

    I feel like it’s self-defeating. You spend so much time thinking about playing that you don’t have time to find other players, organize a gaming session, and play.

  3. Dan / Aug 15 2006 12:50 pm

    That’s one reason why I really enjoyed the Tuesday night games we were playing this past year. Sure the sessions were pretty hokey and we could definitely have been more serious, but we had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed playing Iron Heroes and Lone Wolf. I would very much have enjoyed playing more of the Web of Lies campaign, to be sure. I’m not sure whether the paranoia in that game fed off of that in Hard Lessons or whether it was the other way around, but either way, it was very effective. Frickin’ spiders!

    Anyway, there is something fun about just sitting down and playing. I think my problem with trying to put together a GOT game is that it requires a lot of preparation (much more so than a simple DnD game, for instance) and that I’m therefore not sure whether it’s actually going to ever happen.

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