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September 6, 2006 / jadettman

R.E.C: Half Way through the Second Half

So, it has already been one week for the second half of the Reverse Engineering Challenge and I still don’t have a good idea what I want to do with this character sheet.

I have gone through a few ideas but they just didn’t seem to work with the character sheet. Here’s where I’ve been:

  1. Celestials, powerful spirits that represent the worlds of our solar system, gather in their Garden to determine the fate of one child. Each has an agenda and personal history with each of the other Celestials. The game begins when the player representing Terra says, “Today a child will be born, and that child will change the world. Tell me how.”
  2. The PCs are Natural Philosophers that have been called to a grand Conference in the mountains. On the way, their transportation breaks down and they must take refuge in a strange village. There they confront the superstitions of the villagers which the Philosophers either conquer or fall victim to.
  3. Dodekameron, the dead must serve. A very focused almost-wargame in which the PCs take on the roles of amnesiac souls that have been drafted into the Armies of Light in an endless war against the Armies of Unreason. A campaign would take place over no-more-than twelve sessions. Each session would involve a specific mission objective, ideally with a metaphor-like quality, and would end with one player ‘remembering’ something of their life. Whether there should be a mystery involving the ‘Superior Officers’ of the Armies of Light was something that’s been niggling at me, but then I’m a big fan of moral ambiguity as, I think, anyone that has played in one of my RPG sessions can attest to.

And that is where things stand. I’ve as much decided that I should just pick one of the concepts and run with it. Otherwise, I’m going to have nothing come next Tuesday.

I’m guessing, from what I’ve wrote, I’m going to run with #3 and see what happens.


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