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October 22, 2006 / jadettman

Spontaneous moments of awesome

One of the great things that I love about running/playing roleplaying games are the spontaneous moments of awesome that happen. Sometimes, the players and the GM, playing full-on, just create these totally unexpected, yet awesome, moments.

Here’s an example:
In one of my Amber campaigns, Masks, Lies, and Deceptions, there was a scene in which Ruaidhrigh/Anastazja is having a conversation with ghost-Brand from Tir Na N’ogth about the general state of affairs in Amber, many of which had come about because of Brand’s rediscovery of the Courts of Chaos (which happened before the campaign began).

Now, an important fact here is that ghost-Brand is temporally out of synch with Amber. He could be from many different points in Amber’s past because, in MLD, Tir is a doorway to Time.

So, Ruaidhrigh (pronounced Rory, for the curious) is wrapping up this discussion with Brand about fixing some temporal anomaly or other when he mentions Chaos. Brand’s immediate response is, “Chaos?” with, you know, one of those RCA dalmation-like head twists.

Of course, the conversation pretty much ends there and JP/Ruaidhrigh is now kicking himself while everyone else is having a hearty laugh because Ruaidhrigh has just become the root cause of Brand’s rediscovery of Chaos.

That moment was pure awesome! I think even JP will admit that, though I think he was a bit upset at the time.

And, that, those moments of spontaneous awesome are really what roleplaying is all about.


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