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December 19, 2006 / jadettman

What If Amber #2

What if Corwin had bested Eric during that fateful hunt in Arden?

Triumphant, Corwin stood over Eric’s unconscious body debating what to do with his brother who, once, was the better swordsman. He could run Eric through and let him bleed out but too many people had seen the two of them ride out together. Suspicion would fall on him far too easily.

Corwin gathered the horses and threw Eric over the saddle of the roan that his brother had ridden into the forest.

Together, Corwin led them into Shadow. He sought for a world suffering fom plague or catastrophe, someplace Eric’s body wouldn’t be found, somewhere Eric would die and the blame could not fall on him.

The hellride was the hardest of Corwin’s life and the Shadow world was quick in coming. It was a dirty place and it stank of death. It was perfect.

Corwin left Eric and the horse to wander. Then, turning, he returned to Amber.

* __ * __ *

Where you take the campaign from here really depends on how you think Eric would fare after being left to the plague by Corwin.

Eric, canonically, seems to lack Corwin’s legendary recouperative abilities. It is quite possible that Eric could be killed by the plague rather than survive, as Corwin did, with a case of amnesia to show for it.

In such a case, who would have opposed the redhead cabal? Would Caine and Julian have backed Corwin on the throne?

Would Random have found his way safely back to Amber or fallen prey to the guardians of Brand’s tower prison?

I say throw some PCs in and see where you land.



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  1. Shawn / Dec 20 2006 2:56 am

    Different world indeed.

    Corwin, out of favor with father for the fratricide (which would have still been Oberon’s opinion on the matter I believe) would have toddled on, perhaps becoming more dispondant and less in favor of defending Amber, choosing rather to console himself with Loranne in Avalon.

    That would leave Caine, Julian and Gerard to attempt to hold off the redheads, which I believe wouldn’t have worked at all, certainly not with the primal Pattern damaged. Unless Benedict chose to get invovled (which he might have at Gerard’s request.)

    However, Oberon would have still returned from the trap in shadow, the line of Dara not having been interupted by previous changes, and would have still been working to resolve the issue.

    Random would still be fooling about in shadow, perhaps even caught by the hook handed shadows which the redheads sent after him. Flora could have been anywhere, perhaps on Earth or not, since Eric wouldn’t have sent her there.

    I suspect that since Corwin wouldn’t be persuaded to leave Loranne for the defense of Amber for the red-heads, Dara would have to have Caine’s child, or Julian’s if she could make herself sufficiently look like Fiona (doubtful) and Oberon would have ended up being more overt in his actions to handle Brand’s planning (which wouldn’t have changed at all) or would have had to use another method, perhaps Deirdre.

    This is all off the top of my head… and uncertain… I suspect that other elders would be facinating to this variation.

  2. J.A. Dettman / Dec 20 2006 9:28 am

    Don’t forget, though, that in this scenario Corwin doesn’t return to Amber to have his eyes put out. That is the important scene where he utters the curse and opens the way for Chaos and the Black Road to descend on Amber.

    Without that, how would Chaos have opened the Way? Without the Black Road, no Lorraine, no Lintra, and, depending on your take on the situation, no Dara.

    Could be tricky.

  3. JP / Dec 21 2006 4:23 pm

    Well, a few points here…

    The red-headed cabal’s case become substantially weakened with Corwin gone rather than Eric. From one point of view (the Caine is not a son of Faella point of view) Bleys was a contender for the throne because with Corwin gone he was the next-eldest legitmate male heir. With Corwin still around they don’t have that logic working for them.

    At the point of divergence from canon, Corwin has already lost Avalon. Without having been lost on Earth, he might never have had a reason to stumble across Lorraine. I’m unclear how much disfavor Corwin would really have found himself in. After all, in the canon Eric doesn’t leave Amber and mope. Plus Oberon seems to like Corwin to start with.

    So Corwin would be a major target, and not one that could “justly” unseated by claims of legitimate inheritance.

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