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December 20, 2006 / jadettman

Amber Mash-ups: As Seen on TV #1

Battlestar Amberica

Despite Oberon’s best efforts, his attempt to repair the Pattern of Amber failed.

Standing on the edge of the great Abyss, Oberon’s children protected themselves as they watched the massive Change Tide wash over and past them leaving almost nothing.  The Shadow’s once cast by Amber’s Pattern had been torn and broken.

Briefly, Random and Fiona using the Jewel were able to make Trump contact with those left behind in Amber. The great city still clung to the mountain Kolvir, but Arden and the sea had been swallowed in darkness; where once they lay chaos now coiled.

The eyes of the Oberon’s children turned to the Courts. The battle waged and won, the denizens of Amber could take their rightful place within the Courts but would it serve?  The dark citadel was a fit bastion to protect the troops from the Change Tide, but it would never be a home. The creatures and ways of Chaos were too strange, the people to Other. If they were to stay, Amber would truly be destroyed as they adapted to their new lives or died trying.

No, they gathered up the survivors and, taking what supplies they could from the Courts, they set out to find Amber; to find home.

* __ * __ *

The mash-up, in this particular case, is largely thematic. There are no spacecraft (though I suppose there could be) and the Courts of Chaos are standing in for the Cylons, but the overarching themes of loss, despair, hope, alienation, and determination are all there even if we do lose the ‘can machines be alive’ fun of the show.

The way I imagine such a campaign would go would be something like this:

  • The Amberites set out into this new sea of Chaos to find what remains of Amber or, to add tension, to find Corwin’s New Amber (Fighting ensues as to what to find first. Will the survivors split up?)
  • With the Pattern, and all but the most Primal of Shadows gone, life is difficult for Amber’s survivors but the Pattern is still in the Family’s blood, renewed every 28 days as their blood is renewed.  They have some power over the Chaos and remaining Shadows, but that power must be carefully rationed.
  • The Courts of Chaos, rejected by Amber even in defeat, turn their anger and hatred upon Amber’s survivors. They may not be able to fight a successful straight-on military campaign against Amber, even in this new, more chaotic universe but they can whittle away at Amber’s numbers using hit-and-fade attacks, guerrilla warfare, and shape-shifter infiltration.

The PCs can either take the roles of the Elders, stick to being the children of the Elders, or maybe even go for being military officers.

Keep the inter-character drama turned turned way up and have fun!



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  1. JP / Dec 21 2006 4:07 pm

    Maybe Kolvir itself could stand in for Galactica…. a mountain fortress floating untethered in the disrupted universe, searching for a world to call home.

  2. J.A. Dettman / Dec 25 2006 1:45 pm

    I like it.

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