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December 20, 2006 / jadettman

Amber Mash-ups: As Seen on TV #2

Shadowgate: SG-1

In 1929, an archeological dig in Egypt made an amazing discovery: a metallic ring 35 feet in diameter and enscribed with strange symbols. It was clearly not Egyptian, or seemingly even terrestrial, in origin. It was cataloged, boxed up, and sent back to the United States.

In the US, the museum that had sponsored the dig was required to turn the ring over to the government. Studies of the object were conducted from 1929 until the summer of 1937. After that point, the research was abandoned, the artifact warehoused, everything forgotten.
Inexplicably, late in 1964 the artifact began to show signs of activity. The first signs were strange lights emanating from the symbols on the ring, then a disturbing coldness surrounded the artifact. Research began again.

The research proved fruitless.  Years passed without any breakthrough but the research continued.

In the mid-70’s, two events changed history. The first was the discovery of a student of parapsychology that had an extensive collection of personal drawings of the ring. The second involved the ring itself.

In the summer of 1976, the ring began to hum and emit a continuous glow.  Housed for research purposes on the floor of a top-secret research installation, the ring continued its new, strange behavior by levitating and orienting itself perpendicular to the ground.

Exasperated with this unexplainable behavior, the scientists on the project brought Joseph Danielson (the parapsycologist) to the ring to see if it evoked some reaction.

They got a result far beyond their expectation.

When Joe touched the ring, is eyes filled with wonder, an image appeared within the ring: an exotic landscape no one could identify. It was not until a clumsy researcher accidently stumbled through the ring and into another world that they truly understood what they had discovered.

* __ * __ *

IMO, this is a good setup for an episodic game.

  1. The players are cinematic heroes, not really up to the power levels of a usual Amber game.
  2. Running sessions as missions gives the game a good standard structure but allows for a good number of different adventures. (As seen by those familiar with the show it’s based on.)
  3. When you get tired of it, you can move on to something else and come back later when you want to continue.

Further thoughts for this game, from my perspective, are important.

  • With the setup I’ve provided, my plans were that Trump would be an ancient power that predates Amber.
  • In the distant past, a series of Shadowgates (powered by Trump) connected the known universe.
  • The Shadowgates were created by ancient peoples completely unrelated to Amberites or Chaos Lords.
  • SG-1 in this setup would, most likely, oppose the actions of both Amberites and Chaos Lords. From their perspective, both sides are trying to take advantage of the known worlds and pass themselves off as Greater Beings.

This could work well as a convention game. It’s probably already been done. 🙂


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  1. JP / Dec 21 2006 4:03 pm

    There was a Trump Gate SG-1 game at one of the cons I was at a while back. I didn’t play in it. The premise seemed to be that Vialle had died, and Martin took Random to the Stargate shadow to use a sarcophagus to bring her back from the dead, and while they were there they were taken over by Goa’ulds.

    I used a similar device as a side-story happening in out in shadow in Shadows & Substance, but never really worked out any details.

    At one point I was also kicking around an idea for a game called “Stair Gate SG-1” where in the far future of Amber, after the age of the royal Amberites had passed they discoved the stairs to Tir na Nog’th and figured out how to connect to alternate worlds that way.

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