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March 10, 2007 / jadettman

Accepting the Power that You give the GM

I think that I’ve probably covered this before with post(s) about trusting your GM but I think it’s time for a revisit, hopefully with a new spin this time.

In a traditional RPG the gamemaster has a lot of power, most of it freely given to that person by the players.

Let’s face it, without players a gamemaster is about as useful as a third nipple.  Without players there is no game. Everytime you, as a player, sit down at the table with your GM you’re giving the person in that position power.

Now, most of the time, that power is implied by the nature of the game:

In a traditional RPG, the GM . . .

  • adjudicates die rolls.
  • determines the difficulty of various actions.
  • runs the NPCs.
  • tries to make the game fun for the players.

None of these things can be accomplished if the players don’t come to the table.

Now, I’ve heard some folks argue that they don’t have a choice. If they want to game, then the only choice they have is “to play with this GM.” The arguement is usually one of scarcity. There just aren’t that many gamers in the area or only a certain number of people that want to play the game that they are interested in.

That situation sucks. Guess what? It all still hinges on sitting down at that table.

If you don’t like your GM’s style of running a game, or you aren’t having fun, try talking to your GM!

If talking to your GM doesn’t work, ask yourself this: “Can you try to have fun rolling with the game as your GM is presenting it?”

If you can’t roll with it and make the game fun, why are you playing? Yes, you would prefer to be playing an RPG.  If you aren’t having fun doing it, I’m sure that you can find something else fun to do with your time.

You give your GM power. Without players, there is no game.


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