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March 15, 2007 / jadettman

Robin Hood

BBC America has begun showing their new version of Robin Hood. I watched an episode and it was alright. I may watch more of it.

Really, though, what this new Robin Hood has done more than anything has made me feel the urge to write a modern-day or near-future tale of Robin Hood.  I’m thinking about a modern-day allegory about right and wrong, rich and poor, law, and justice.

I have a vague idea about a man, recently returned from war, who discovers that his home has been taken from him and that corrupt local officials have control of the town and surrounding areas. That, however, is about the extent of my thoughts on the matter.

First, of course, I will need to return to the source and read some Robin Hood. After that, perhaps I will still feel like writing this story. I could just as easily become distracted by some new passing fancy.


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