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March 21, 2007 / jadettman

Rose of the World

For the Game Chef competition, I’m working on a game tentatively called Rose of the World. I’m still a little vague on the details but here’s what I’m thinking so far:

The Rose of the World is the physical representation of the world’s spirit. Each year the Rose blooms anew and, each year, the Guardian of the Rose chooses a group of pilgrims to carry the Rose to the sacred Tower of Mu.

Before setting off, the pilgrims must make a wish for the next year. If they can successfully convey the Rose to the Tower by year’s end their wishes for the new year will be granted.

Standing in the way of the pilgrims are the Demons. The demons are the servants of the Void. They want to see the world destroyed. If the pilgrims fail in their assignment to get the Rose to the Tower, the demons grow stronger, the world will get darker, and, eventually, the world will be destroyed.

Depending on where things are in the Balance, the demons can only do so much. In a perfectly balanced world, the demons can only work through agents, people that have committed themselves, or given in, to the Void. In a world where the demons are winning, it is possible for the demons to influence more people and possibly even manifest physically themselves.

To combat the demons, the Guardian of the Rose grants each of the pilgrims a small measure of power. This power is almost entirely defensive. The pilgrims are not meant to seek out and actively fight the demons.

So, those are the basics. I’m still working out the mechanical end of things and fleshing out the setting more. I think I may try building a means for the players to create their own world, as that might make their role as the pilgrims more meaningful.

More thoughts later.


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