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September 5, 2007 / jadettman

The Primordial War

It is not certain which Primordial faction first developed the Star Seeds, the opposing faction quickly followed suit with their own either way, but after millenia of war a new dimension was added to the conflict.  A dimension that would not emerge for millenia more, certainly, but new nonetheless.

The Star Seeds were created to spawn allies for the Primordials. They would spread throughout the universe bringing new life to worlds that had none and changing life on the worlds that had already quickened. Where the Star Seeds landed allies would spring-forth to take up the Primordial’s war. They had little choice in the matter, the Primordial imperatives are programmed into the smallest cells of their body.

And so the Primordial War is waged yet today. The immortal Primordial factions eternally struggling, one to gain dominance over the other.


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