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December 15, 2007 / jadettman

Thought(s) of the Morning

Today’s insomnia thought of the day brought to you, again, by Amber Diceless Roleplaying.


  • Divide the number of points that players receive by 5. Players receive 20 points to make their characters.
  • Divided the cost of powers in half.
    • Pattern: 5
    • Logrus: 4
    • Trump: 4
    • Shape Shifting: 3
    • Conjuration: 2
    • Sorcery: 2
    • Power Words: 1 (although I would probably discard them)
  • Disassociate how much damage a character can sustain from Attributes. Instead, characters can have different types of Conditions (Injury, Fatigue, Poison, etc.). In nearly all cases characters will have the same number of conditions that can effect them.
  • Pushing. There should be guidelines for allowing characters to temporarily extend their abilities in exchange for short-term debilitation, whether that be fatigue or some kind of karmic trade-off.
  • De-emphasis on toys. This should largely be accomplished by the change in point structure. To take it further, Items (gadgets, weapons, animal companions, etc.) should be almost entirely color with very little mechanical support. Rare exceptions for Thematic Items should exist for things that are tied into a character’s history and personal myth.
  • Personal Manuevers and/or Tricks: Much of an Amberite’s powers and abilities are colored by their own perceptions as well as their personal ‘knacks’. Caine can spy on Trumps, Julian is good at breeding powerful creatures, Bleys is generally likeable despite past behavior, Flora is generally considered non-threatening, etc. Build a system in which each character has their own flavor.
    • This could be as simple as each character has their own Knack (or three) or more complex.


  • Amberites are larger than life, pulp-like, in their attitudes and appetites.
  • Amberites aren’t subtle. Sneaky, yes, but subtle as a brick.
  • Amberites are arrogant. Not without reason, Amberites are the big dogs in the universe. If an Amberite can’t out fight something, they will out manuever it with their powers. If they can’t out manuever it, they will out live it. If they can’t out live it they will avoid it and fear it.
  • Amberites are loners. This is not to say that all Amberites live in Unibomber-style shacks plotting the downfall of society, no. If you prefer, we can use the term ‘supremely self-reliant’. Amberites prefer to do for themselves. They may have servants to take care of the little things, day to day tasks that wouldn’t challenge them anyway, but, when it comes to a real challenge, an Amberite will always act singularly first. Only after a challenge has proven itself too strong for one Amberite to overcome (and usually in some spectacular fashion) will an Amberite resort to asking for help from a relative.
    • Important Note: This only applies to Amberites and other Amberites. As far as an Amberite is concerned, an army of any size is merely a tool in their kit. Seeing a threat, building an army, and attcking said threat are all singular actions to an Amberite so long as no other Amberite is involved.


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  1. James Dobbs / Sep 8 2008 1:05 pm

    I have a question about this system: it is my understanding that one also uses points to buy up attributes like warfare and strategy. Wouldn’t this mean that there would be less point left after a player takes pattern and these other abilities to build up attributes?

  2. J.A. Dettman / Sep 9 2008 5:49 am


    In the standard Amber DRPG system a player uses points for everything in character creation. So, you pay for Attributes, Powers, and everything else with the same points.

    Of course, in the standard system, the GM also runs an Auction for Attributes with the goal being to create in-character tension between the PCs like that seen in the books. I don’t generally find that the Auction actually has that effect, though.

    The system I described in this post would reduce the number of points that players get but also reduces the cost of Powers by half.

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