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February 24, 2008 / jadettman

New Pizza Experiment #1: the Meal

So, I made the new pizza today for lunch. It turned out pretty well.I did a whole new deal on this one: new crust, new sauce, fresh mozzarella, and some freshly grated hard parmesan. I kept my usual Cojack flourish because, you know, I like the taste.

The results were mixed but extremely tasty. The sauce had a wonderfully fresh flavor but was definitely too wet. I should probably drain the tomatoes before crushing them in the future. The crust, on the other hand, was beautiful. It was crisp on the bottom and had a nice robust flavor which may have been partially masked by the sauce but still great. The cheese was good but I didn’t really notice a lot of difference between the fresh mozzarella and the low-moisture variety that I usually use. The non-cheese toppings weren’t really anything special, pretty much just the stuff that I use normally.

So, we’ve learned with experiment #1 here that you should drain the tomatoes before making the sauce and that crust is better when it ferments overnight.

I’m looking forward to pizza experiment #2.


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  1. Britt / Feb 24 2008 1:48 pm

    I was very impressed by the crust this time. Ordinarily your crust is perfectly acceptable, but this time the taste was good, and the texture was awesome: crisp on the outside and chewy in the center.

    I wish I had tried the mozzarella before it was cooked; it might not have been so great to start out with, but I agree, it didn’t really add much to distinguish it from the usual part-skim moz.

    I really liked the taste of the sauce, but it was definitely too wet.

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