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June 20, 2008 / jadettman

4th Edition D&D

The fourth edition of D&D came out two weeks ago. From the previews, I was looking forward to it. The mechanical bits that WotC had released looked like an interesting amount of streamlining had been done and, supposedly, they had focused on making it easier for DMs to prep for a game.
Now, from all accounts, both of those points are true: the new game is very streamlined and game prep is significantly easier than it was in the third edition. By many actual-play accounts that have been discussed in the last two weeks, it’s a fun game especially if your using miniatures and maps to help visualize the action in combat.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give the game a test run yet, though I’m hoping to get a chance before the end of the year. That, however, will not prevent me from talking about the game.

I think maybe I’ll do it later, though, after I’ve thought about it more. My initial thoughts basically boil down to: I like many of the things that have been streamlined and/or adjusted, particularly monster builds, powers, and skills. I think I need to play the thing before I start talking about things that I don’t like.


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