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July 14, 2008 / jadettman

Gaming in Transition

In the last ten days our gaming has been transformed. Last Sunday we played another session of James’ 3.5 D&D game. All four of us were able to make it and we had a rollicking adventure on a magical moonbase, getting to know the  local equivalent of the Justice League. Actually, the moonbase belongs to Mask, a super-powerful (2oth? 30th? level) mage and his superfriends are us and all the other people on the planet who want to overthrow the  local world-domination-planning god. Yeah, James’ game is a bit crazy.

This Sunday I ran the second session of my Nemesis game for James and Britt. It had kind of fallen by the wayside as it was originally intended to be a stop-gap game that we would play when Jeff couldn’t make it to gaming. Now that Jeff’s schedule has freed up, Nemesis looked like it was just going to die. Luckily, Britt and James both seem to be enjoying it enough that we’re trying to at least finish the current case, which is nice.

Yesterday we also doubled our gaming group. We (being me, Britt, James & Jeff) and Megan (James’ wife) all went to Applebee’s in Rockford to meet Peter, Bill, and Justin, some local gamers that we wanted to meet before inviting them to play in our gaming group. This seems more important than ever, especially considering the Scott incident.

Happily, Bill and Justin seemed like pretty reasonable guys. We all chatted about relatively normal things over dinner before launching into the crazy gamer talk. Peter we had already met.

All three of these new guys seem much more system-focused than any of  us in the original group, so I’m hoping that they’ll be able to integrate with James’ more free wheeling GMing style without a hitch, but that’s my only real reservation.

And in other, non-Rockford, related gaming news, the slow build toward the creation of an off-week gaming group here in Beloit continues. I’m looking forward to running a game of Houses of the Blooded for, at least, Britt and Alicia (a coworker) with the possible addition of one of Alicia’s friends. That should start relatively soon, I hope, so stay tuned for more details.


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