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August 13, 2008 / jadettman

Hacking Houses (part 1)

If I were going to use Houses of the Blooded to run an Amber (or Courts of Chaos) game, I think that I would model powers on Devotions.

In Houses of the Blooded, the Ven revere Suaven, who are essentially saints that embody certain important aspects of the world. So, you may have a Suaven of travel, or revenge, or hospitality.

Mechanically, this is dealt with during character creation by spending points in Devotion, which reflects how devoted the character is to one particular Suaven’s mystery cult. It also reflects a certain amount of time and effort spent by the character and, reciprocally, how much responsibility/prestige the character has among the other faithful. Characters also receive blessings based on the amount of Devotion they have to a Suaven.

So, Amber Powers would work this way: each character gets a number of points to spend in Powers during character creation, which determines how devoted to mastering that Power the character is. The number of points the character has invested in a Power determines what effects/tricks the character has access to. Also, a character can’t have more points in a Power than their Wisdom, since magical powers are the domain of Wisdom.


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