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August 15, 2008 / jadettman

Playing with Dice (1)

This setup is for a dice-pool game, something like any iteration of the Storyteller(ing) system.

Characters have Abilities and Skills. Skills determine the number of dice (d10s would be easiest for figuring probability on the fly) that the character rolls when using them, so if you have Handguns 3 then you roll 3 dice when firing a handgun. Abilities determine your target number which is base 10 minus your ability score. So, for example, if you have a Dexterity of 4 then whenever you use a skill based on Dex your target number is 6+ (10-4=6).

To succeed at a task (or conflict, if you want to go all Story-Games), you need one success. The more successes you get the better you do.

For added White Wolf-iness, you can also do things like: whenever you roll your exact TN (6 in the above example) then it counts as a double success.

For a Houses of the Blooded spin without the wagering: for each success that you get you can add one descriptive phrase to the scene. So, for example, when you shoot the angry drug-fueled co-ed (the one that’s trying to hit you in the face with the sharp, pointy nail-end of a 2×4) and get 2 successes, not only do you hit them but you get to say: “I get my shot off, (+1) hitting him in the leg, and (+2) knocking him to the ground.


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