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September 1, 2008 / jadettman

Once more returned

Well, Britt and I are back from another travel-filled weekend and once again I feel a little out of sorts as I try to get back into my normal groove.

Thursday night we drove up to LaCrosse, crashed for the night, and then drove to Minneapolis early Friday morning to attend the burial ceremony of Britt’s grandfather, who was interred at the National Cemetery at Fort Snelling.

The ceremony was short, interesting, and not unusual as these things go. Afterward, we were treated to a light lunch and a couple hours of socializing by some friendly folks who’s names, sadly, I do not recall.

Friday night we spent with Britt’s uncle Dave and aunt Cindy there in Minneapolis. Socialization and Benihana were the order of the evening.

Saturday, we tried to meet up with friends that live in Minneapolis but unfortunately the were both out of town. So, we ended up hitting The Source Comics and Games (the best gaming store that I know of) and the Tea Source (from which Britt orders all of her tea). Then we drove back to LaCrosse where we crashed with Britt’s sister and her family.

Yesterday, we drove home and last night I had trouble sleeping but Susan seems happy that we’re back, so that’s something.


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