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September 3, 2008 / jadettman

Scattered thoughts

In addition to the montly newsletter of geekery that I publish each month through my (very) small-press online publishing business, about every three months I put together The Warbler which is the newsletter for the Friends of the Welty Environmental Center here in Beloit. The folks at the Welty Center promote green living, environmental awareness, and cool stuff like that. So, every few months I do some layout for them, turn it into a PDF, and send it off to a local printer to become a mailer. It’s one of those little things that keeps me busy.

Last night I downloaded the Chrome beta, the new open-source browser developed by Google. So far it seems nice but not particularly innovative and it doesn’t have any one feature that makes me say that you must download and use it now. It does seem to load pages faster than Firefox so that’s something.

In about six weeks or so, Britt and I are going to be heading back to Ithaca for a visit. Actually, I’m going entirely for the visit but really we’re just taking advantage of the happy coincidence that this year’s DPS meeting is being held in Ithaca. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing friends from Ithaca again.


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