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September 8, 2008 / jadettman

Social Weekend at Home

This weekend we didn’t go anywhere far away. Friday, I finished up my work on the Warbler and bummed around the house most of the day.

Saturday, we did our usual Farmers Market and grocery shopping run and then I tidied up the house a little before going over to James and Megan’s house for dinner and some boardgames, which was a nice relaxing evening.

Sunday, I ran the second play session of Houses of the Blooded . Play still feels a bit weird to me and, after we resolved a little of the action, we spent a little while talking things through, which (I think) has helped me figure out what’s going on and will make the game run better for me in the future.

After the game, Britt and I went out to dinner and then watched a rather absurd movie called Wasabi before calling it a night.

I still feel that Britt and I are a little out of sorts from the amount of traveling that we’ve been doing the last few months, so hopefully we can settle down this week and find our groove again.


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  1. James Dobbs / Sep 8 2008 10:21 am

    Megan and I had fun, we are glad you guys had a nice time as well.

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