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September 10, 2008 / jadettman

The 4E D&D game that I want to run

I haven’t gotten to play Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons yet, the operative word being yet. I fully intend to gather together a group and play a session or two just to see how it runs.

What I have been doing is watching lots of folks talk about how cool the game is, or how much it sucks, but overall I think the coolness is winning. Specifically, I like the talk of how easy it is to prep and run a game, make thematic modifications to monsters, the focus on teamwork, and how much fun it is for the players.

So, here is the D&D game that I want to run using 4E:

In days gone by, the Ancients carried their children to the world in the Sky Chariots and carved out a place for them amongst the world’s Chaos.

The Ancients built cities for their children and opened the portals between the worlds so that commerce and culture could flow between them.

It was in those long gone days that the Ancients told their children the secrets of the Universal Fire that burns within the heart of all things and taught them to harness their inner Fire with The Way of Ten Thousand Mysteries.

For time unmarked, life was good. Until one day, the Great Enemy appeared to do battle with the Ancients. Whole worlds were destroyed in the crossfire of war. The portals became unreliable and were disrupted. Strife walked the land.

The war was long and unceasing. The children of the Ancients learned to fight, wage war, and die. Slowly, the worlds of the Ancients fell to the darkness of the Great Enemy.

It is unknown how many worlds survive. How many Ancients survive. Does the war still rage amongst the stars?

So, yeah, I want to run this SF-ish D&D game in which all of the D&D races are the creations of Ancient starfarers. They were carried to distant worlds by their creators but abandoned when war came.

The idea is that time has passed, of course. That the cities left behind by the Ancients eventually wore down, the generators burned out, the technology left behind not fully understood.

So, the races from the stars have had to venture out into the world, beyond the safe borders that had been established by the Ancients. Into a world of monsters, a world where they are invaders, unwanted.

Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll talk about re-theme-ing the D&D mechanics for the setting.



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  1. James Dobbs / Sep 10 2008 12:23 pm

    That sounds like fun. Do you have the 4.0 books? Do you have an online subscription to the service?

  2. J.A. Dettman / Sep 10 2008 5:21 pm

    I’ve got the 4E books. I do not have a subscription to the service.

    The subscription service hasn’t yet gone live and when it does it won’t be necessary for running the game, so it’s unlikely I’m going to pay the money for it.

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