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September 12, 2008 / jadettman

More D&D Thoughts

So the way I see it, with the set-up I talked about Wednesday, there are a few different play options for the SF-ish D&D game. In no particular order:

  1. Single Point of Light: After the failure of the technology left behind, the city of the Ancients would need to be protected because that’s where all of the PCs live. This would be sort of like DS9 because all of the action would come to the players.
  2. The Explorers: Same time period, different focus. The PCs are the adventurous folk that go out into the world to explore and see what’s there.
  3. War Comes Home: The Ancients may have left but they underestimated how much their Great Enemy hates them. The Enemy has dropped agents of its own onto the planet to destroy any trace of the Ancients and their children. Lots of opportunity for big battles, espionage, and trouble.
  4. Aftermath: After the war between the children of the Ancients and the agents of the Enemy, the world has been changed. Perhaps one side won or this is merely the calm before the storm returns. Bitter rivalries, old enemies, and ambiguous times.
  5. Second Age: The world (or a reasonable portion of it) has been explored by earlier generations and the children of the Ancients have made a place for themselves. The Ancients are just myths told by the priests. The world is still a wild place but now it’s filled with monsters that are familiar and someone’s got to deal with them.

Of the options here, 2 and 5 are by far the most traditional. #2 would involve mostly wilderness adventuring, while #5 is basically standard D&D with a thin veneer of SF mythology to mix things up thematically.

If I ever run this, the players will have input about the kind of game they want to play but, personally, I would lean toward #5.


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