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October 6, 2008 / jadettman

Weekend Recap

Friday was largely uneventful. We’d originally planned to have dinner with Robin and her husband Joshua but the multi-couple scheduling just didn’t work out.

Early Saturday morning we got up because Susan (our cat, for those of you not in the loop) was acting weird. She just wouldn’t settle down and go to sleep but she was trying to, which was making it difficult for Britt to sleep. Anyway, we got up, chased her down, and did basic cat examination to figure out what was wrong.

To us, it looked like she had a tooth-ache because she flinched whenever we touched the left side of her face. Unfortuately for Susan, figuring that a tooth-ache wasn’t life threatening, we decided to let her suffer through the night and take her to the vet first thing in the morning.

Turns out that Susan injured her neck somehow. The vet gave her a shot of something and us some new pills for her, and we were on our way. It’s been a couple days now and Susan seems to be doing better, so hooray for veterinarians.

After the visiting the vet, we took a brief trip to the farmer’s market, registered to vote, and then I dropped Britt off on campus to do a little work, and I played around with a little game design idea, before we headed down to Rockford.

In Rockford, we had a nice lunch with James and Megan at the India House. The India House has a lunch buffet, which is okay, but not as good as freshly prepared stuff that you get when you order off the menu. It was still good though.

In the evening, Britt had a thing at the college showing the Japanese Club the Moon, so she went and did that while watched the Mystery Men again and worked on my little game idea.

Sunday, we played Houses of the Blooded. The session went okay. There was political scheming, a duel, and our resident Blooded of the Serpent got to test out his magical powers. We got hung up on the duel mechanics a little bit and the amount of bookkeeping that’s required for Season Actions seems like it’s getting to be a little ridiculous but overall we continue to seem like we’re getting a handle on the system. If our sessions were more frequent than every two weeks, I think our system mastery would improving faster but that’s not a schedule that’s doable for everyone so what are you going to do?


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