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October 24, 2008 / jadettman

Random thoughts

Here are some of the random thoughts that got me up early this morning:

  • Chakra powers as a replacement for magic items seem like they would work well in my SF D&D campaign setting. I need to take a look at the magic item rules again to see how difficult it would be to implement.
  • More rain? Crap. Is the roof leaking? Is that outside wall leaking again? I really need to call the chimney guy and the contractor again to see what the hold ups are.
  • Have I forgotten to pack anything for Rock-con? I need to remember my razor. Should I stay up late on Friday night? How cranky will I be by Sunday if I stay up late both Friday and Saturday? I probably should have called James to get a phone number for Megan.
  • Are Maneuvers for Magic/Trump combat really necessary for the Blood of Amber hack? Probably. I wonder what effect doing away with ranks in Maneuvers will have.
  • Does the world really need another RPG system? Do I? What drives my interest/need to tinker with game mechanics?
  • I wonder what time it is. It seems a little light out. 6am? I would be okay with getting up at 6am. Is that the cat? ::fumble on glasses, get out of bed, check clock:: Crap. 5am. Really? Oh well, maybe I can catch a nap this afternoon.

Yep, that’s what the inside of my brain sounds like at 5am.


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