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October 26, 2008 / jadettman

Rock-con: So I played Agricola instead . . .

This weekend was Rock-con, a local convention held annually in Rockford. I went, had a good time, and am now tired but bringing you a brief description of what I got up to.

First, of course, I need to thank James and Megan for putting me up for the weekend so that I could attend the convention. Britt headed north this weekend to visit family which also left me car-less. Happily for me, James and Megan volunteered to let me crash at their house during the con and ferry me to and from. They are awesome and I appreciate it a lot.

Friday Night: I signed up for a game of Fourth Edition D&D but I was the only player signed up so I played Agricola instead. Agricola is a European import published in the U.S. by Z-Man Games (who used to be the makers of Shadowfist, the awesome game of time-traveling, pulp/kung-fu badassery but who are now a boardgame company) and is nominally about being a midieval farmer, managing your farm, and feeding your family.

In actuality, Agricola is a resource-management game in which the players options increase every round but in which the time the players have to gather food to feed their family rapidly decreases. It’s pretty cool and I’ll likely be writing a more extensive review of it for one of my upcoming newsletters. Suffice to say, I’ve put it on my Want List.

Saturday: Saturday morning I once again signed up for Fourth Edition D&D but I ended up getting into the convention late because of a fiasco involving leaving my badge in my jacket pocket and my jacket in James and Megan’s guest room. Luck for me, I was the only person that had signed up to play so the game was cancelled. Instead, I ended up finding Heath and Jennifer Reuten (folks I’ve played boardgames with at previous Rock-cons and other conventions) and played a game of Airships and Year of the Dragon. Airships is a fairly light dice-rolley game and Year of the Dragon is a resource-management game, I enjoyed both of them.

Saturday afternoon, I had intended to sign up to play Tannhauser but unfortunately there wasn’t any space available so I played Agricola instead. Afterward, there was time left before the next slot began so I played Pandemic with Tim Meyer, a gentleman boardgame player that I met at last year’s Rock-con and then picked up my silent auction winnings.

At the silent auction, I failed to win any of the large lots of D&D miniatures that I wanted but I did win a copy of the Hordes miniatures rules, a starter box of the Skorne Hordes faction, a copy of Anima: Shadow of Omega, and a copy of Violence the roleplaying game of egregious and repulsive bloodshed. All of this for the awesome price of $17.

Saturday evening, I intended to sign up for Space Hulk since I haven’t had the opportunity to play it since college but there wasn’t any room left so I played Agricola instead.

Sunday: In the morning, I was scheduled to run Power Grid but no one showed up to play. By the time I wandered over to the table for that slot’s Fourth Edition D&D game the DM had already decided that he could run with just two players and had decided to cancel. A third player did not change his mind so I wandered over to where Tim was supposed to be running Agricola and we both decided to play some non-Agricola boardgames. We played Kingdoms, Atlanteon, and a couple games of Race for the Galaxy.

After that, the con seemed to be winding down so I headed home.



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  1. Tim Myers / Oct 27 2008 9:07 am

    I am glad you enjoyed Agricola and I look forward to reading your review.

  2. J.A. Dettman / Oct 28 2008 6:14 am

    Thanks for bringing the game to Rock-con, Tim. đŸ™‚

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