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November 25, 2008 / jadettman

The Gaming Situation, Elucidated

I’ve got two roleplaying groups and a nascent board gaming group. In those groups the only overlaping members are Britt and myself, but only in the roleplaying category.

The Rockford Group we’ve been playing with for a little over a year. Unfortunately, the roster of players keeps changing and the GM just got a job that involves a lot of travel. TRG has been a 3.5 D&D game since the beginning, though James, the GM, has expressed interest in Amber and there was a brief interlude in which I ran a game of Nemesis. Our newest members are all hardcore d20 system-wonks who have all expressed that they have no interest in much of anything else. This is, of course, an over-simplification.

The Beloit Group was first gathered together last summer. It consists of Britt, myself, Alicia (one of my co-workers), and a rotating friend of Alicia’s. The first friend, Robert, is a local and bailed on us without saying a word after the first session. The second friend, Andrew, lives in Madison and was with us for about four sessions. Andrew just recently pulled out of the group because he, understandably, doesn’t want to make the hour-plus commute in the winter. Now we’re looking for more players, again.

For TBG, I’ve been running Houses of the Blooded which, though interesting, the group had some problems with. We’d recently decided, reluctantly, to switch over to a 4E D&D game because I really want to try out the new system. All of which is now on hiatus because a two-player D&D game seems super sketchy. I’m beginning to warm to the idea though.


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  1. Dan / Dec 19 2008 11:33 am

    No more Houses of the Blooded? I’m sorry to hear that.

    I’ll have to give you an update on my gaming situation sometime soon. Playing in both an Aberrant game and a Prime Time Adventures (Changeling) game now. PTA is interesting, although the narration thing is a little weird.

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