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November 28, 2008 / jadettman

Why is following the rules so hard?

I am annoyed with John Wick, the author of Houses of the Blooded.

Why am I annoyed, you may ask?

Several reasons, many of them revolving around his use, or rather lack thereof, of the Open Gaming License. You see, the OGL allows RPG creators to borrow mechanical bits from other RPG creators. The bits that can be borrowed: those are specifically spelled out in the game’s credits page or text, generally. And, if you publish a game using the OGL, you are required to include a copy of the license with your game. At the end of the license, there is a section where a creator using the license must list the other games that s/he borrowed bits from.

So, here are the things I’m annoyed about:

  • The Open Gaming License was not included with the game. Instead, the credits indicate a website where a copy of the license can be found. This is not the case.
  • The game uses open content but fails to acknowledge that content.
  • The game has been available for six months now with no progress toward remedying this.

Honestly, I don’t know why I get as annoyed by something like this as I do. I just do.


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