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December 11, 2008 / jadettman

Re-prioritizing your life

That title sounds like something from a corporate report, doesn’t it?

“Making time” or “finding time” for something, whether it is a hobby or hanging out with your friends, are just as ridiculous as statements but they have the happy coincidence of not sounding like a corporate lawyer going for them.

We can’t make time or find time, not really. We can, however, decide that we aren’t using our time the way that we want to or should be using it. When that happens, it’s time to look at our priorities and make some changes.

For example, I want to spend less time surfing the internet and reading message boards and more time writing, designing games, and playing games. The first two I can do on my time and, thus, I can reprioritize my available time to do them more often. The last one I can’t do without other people. That will require scheduling, something that I’ll have to coordinate.

These things can be done.

The great hurdle to this is The Rut. Everyone has Ruts because a fundamental part of human life is creating routines. We get up at a certain time, we eat at certain times, we have schedules for work. Routines make the world go round because that is how we as people operate, because routines make Ruts.

(As an aside: have you ever noticed that when you get knocked out of your routine that it makes you feel out-of-sorts, grumpy, or otherwise unhappy? Welcome to your Rut.)

Anyway, the upshot here is that I am trying to make some priority shifts. I haven’t fully thought out the details but I think I’ve got some points to start with:

  1. Less internet surfing: the internet can be used purposefully. If I don’t have a purpose, I don’t need to be on the internet.
  2. More writing: setting goals and meeting them is the way to go with this one.
  3. Less TV, more people: I need to pay attention and interact with Britt and my friends more than I need to watch TV. Especially when we’re just re-watching shows we’ve already seen before.

That’s where I’m going to start. I’ll let you know where it takes me and whether I can break out of my Rut.


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