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March 7, 2009 / jadettman

BNW: 3rd Session

Today I ran the third session of Brave New World, my current M&M campaign.

Things went a little off the rails today. We started out nice and slow with the wrap-up from last session and the players taking the lead on things. They wanted to deal with the repercussions of Blackguard being back in the Power Armor business. Oh, and also wanting to break their street soldiers out of prison last session.

Then the local police called the heroes in for assistance. I seems that three John Does absconded with two morgue attendants during the night. Relatively quickly our heroes tracked down the three walking corpses and then, suddenly, . . . something happened. There was a bright flash of light from the area of the Chicago Event and some shenanigans occurred, including a gigantic, Godzilla-like creature appearing in Lake Michigan.

While two of our heroes flew out to see what was up with the kaiju, the other two determined that the John Does were vampires and there was some unfortunate burning incidents before it was decided to take one of the vamps ‘alive,’ as it were.

Then, some time passed while the kaiju was dealt with non-violently . . .

A week or so later, a more powerful vampire came to visit Overwatch with a request: give him back his minion or, you know, hostages die. Of course, Overwatch was having none of that. He gathered the group and they went hunting. Their contacts turned up some leads, which allowed them to save some of the hostages.

The others have yet to be found . . .


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