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April 9, 2009 / jadettman

BNW: recent recaps

The Sunday before last, four of us got together for a session of Brave New World. One of the players, James, was off on vacation so the rest of us got together to keep the world safe from super-villains.

Things started off with some resolution on the plot from the previous session. Vampires had begun moving into the area because of the large number of refugees from Chicago (chaotic situation + increased population density) and the availability of a new, highly attractive stomping ground (what used to be Chicago now has a permanent cloud cover). The vampires had made the mistake of giving the heroes an ultimatum regarding some of their compatriots that the heroes had captured which only upset the heroes further.

Anyway, the vampires had taken hostages and demanded that the heroes release their friends or . . .

I think you get the idea. The heroes, unsurprisingly, refused to give into the vampire’s demands. Instead, they went into full investigation mode. They ended up tracking down several leads and rescuing some of the hostages. Yay, heroes! That, however, was not the end of it.

The heroes followed their other leads to [1] a creepy old mansion where the local vamp-boss was hanging out and [2] to another, less swank domicile. At the mansion, our heroes entered through the attic to find large numbers of pine boxes, human sized. The proceed to pass the suspected vamp-beds through teleport-portals to assisting authorities before proceeding to the basement and kicking some vampire booty. Overwatch, resident government agent and ex-military badass, made his will save and was fortunate enough to be able to see through the vamp-boss’s illusion powers. Fighting ensued.

Said fighting quickly showed why vampires should not mess around with superheroes with teleport powers, especially when the sun is up. ::sigh:: So much for that guy!

At the second property, our heroes arrived to discover the bodies of dead hostages. The world is a cold, hard place and bad-guys do not f**k around when I’m running a game. This was merely the first (or possibly second) of many warnings that my players will likely receive.

After the vampire mop up, Aegis (flying brick extraordinaire) got a radio request from our missing hero, Paragon, for assistance with a flying thief. Turned out that request was faked by some folks in a couple of rented unmarked vans.

Sadly, for said folks, they failed to get thier jammers operational before Aegis called for backup. The resulting fight was brief and ended with the attempted kidnappers teleporting away. When checking the scene, our heroes found lots of alien equipment and weapons in the rented vans. Investigation ensued.

The investigations led to the discovery that the (attempted) kidnappers had been hanging around Rockford for a while. It was easy to determine this because they use some kind of mimic-paper as fake money and after about three days their mimic-paper stopped looking like money. Banks, restaurants, and other businesses: not so happy.

Also, due to the prevalence of security cameras in the world, the heroes were able to track the aliens (because, you know, they use crazy alien tech) as they had moved through the city.

Eventually, they were able to track the aliens to a hotel that they were staying in. After some careful stakeout action, the heroes ambushed the aliens in their hotel room. Then, Blacksun (scary darkness dude) used one of the alien’s teleport belts to invade the the alien’s spacecraft which was in low-Earth orbit. There some careful negotiations provided our heroes with some interesting information.

First, the aliens are mercenaries whose task was initially to test some experimental weapons on selected humans to determine whether they could use the weapons effectively. Second, the alien device that gives Aegis her powers is one of the experimental weapons the mercenaries were testing. Third, yeah, they want that weapon back.

Fun should ensue . . .


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