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June 3, 2009 / jadettman

Letting Go of the Past

I used to play a fair number of collectible card/miniature games. I started with Magic when it first came out, then picked up Jyhad/Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, Netrunner, Babylon 5, Shadowfist, Mythos, Rage, Pokemon, Wheel of Time, DC/Marvel Vs., Heroclix, the Lord of the Rings CMG, Diskwars, Red Alert!, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Rocketmen, etc.

I’m sure I’ve missed some titles in there but the point is that I’ve played a ridiculous number of collectible games and much of the accumulated cruft of doing so still litters my house.I tend to be a pack-rat especially when it comes to games or books. I look at a pile of cards for a game that I used to play and tuck them into a little plastic box for later. I mean, certainly there will come a time when someone wants to play that game again. Right? And I’ve got to be able to pull out my old cards and play with them. Right?

Yeah, it’s crazy. All of that crap is just clogging up my office but despite that, despite looking at the sheer amount of stuff in that corner, it still hurts to get rid of it. What if I need those ten year old cards someday!

Letting go is hard. I sat down to organize by Vampire cards this weekend and, with the help of my lovely wife, got all 10,000 of them sorted alphabetically and organized into a Google Doc so that I can get rid of them. Hopefully selling the majority of them to other players for cheap.

The entire time I was sorting those cards, I was remembering all of the good times I had playing the game and all of the friends that I’ve played the game with over the years. Getting those cards out of my house feels like throwing all of those good times into the great dustbin of history. As if, by getting rid of those cards, I’m getting rid of all those fun memories.

That, of course, is ridiculous. Those memories will still be there, it may just be that I won’t think of them as often.

Then again, maybe I’ll keep a few cards for souvenirs. Just to remind me of the good times.


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