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June 24, 2009 / jadettman

Space Justice

Over on his blog, Yudhishthira’s Dice, Brand Robbins lays out an interesting RPG setup that he wants to play: Law enforcement on a generation ship.

The big deal is this: you have a crew that is large (between four dozen and a couple hundred people) and is human, with all the foibles that implies. They also have lesser and greater degrees of specialized knowledge that may be crucial to staying alive now and certainly crucial to founding a functional society on the new home world. Some of them may have some redundancies, but not a lot — losing someone means losing something you may really, really need.

And yet, problems occur. From petty gossip to rape and murder, people do bad things to each other. And there is no place for it to go. You can’t leave, you can’t go outside and walk it off. You will live with these people for your whole life, and maybe your children will live together for their whole lives. And there is no one else to interact with, there is nothing else to do besides work and socialize with each other. You are in a tin can in space, a generation away from any other human beings.

Sounds like I fun idea!


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