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July 1, 2009 / jadettman

Origins Game Fair 2009

We got back from our yearly trip to Origins Sunday night. It was good to sleep in our own bed again and see Susan. Below is a brief summary of what I can remember about the trip:

TUESDAY: Drove down to Rockford in the afternoon to pick up James. James had acquired the rental car that morning, which was good. The rental company, however, no longer carried foreign cars and instead of a Prius we ended up with a Fusion, which was bad. According the the rental company, the Fusion they gave us was a hybrid, which was good. Except they were big liars and gave us the V6 Fusion, which was bad.

We packed up the car and drove to Danville where we stayed the evening. The plan was to break the drive up so that it wasn’t as long and annoying. That was successful. Unfortunately, the Tuesday night hotel stay also jump-started the typical convention sleep-deprivation. I will likely lobby against this plan in future.

WEDNESDAY: After a brief gallavant around Danville to acquire last minute supplies, we got back on the highway to Columbus. Had lunch at a cute local diner somewhere in there. Arrived in Columbus around 3pm.

Acquired badge, +1 roommate (Zach), and Board Room ribbon, in that order. Then played first game of the con (Small World) while awaiting the arrival of Dan and presence of Amy and Dani.

Acquired +1 roommate (Dan), Dani, and Amy then adjourned to dinner at the Japanese Steak House. There we ate tasty hibachi.

It seems likely that we played a game after hibachi but damned if I remember what it was.

THURSDAY: As expected, woke up at the crack of dawn. Britt went running while I tried to get more sleep and failed. Showering and breakfast followed.

At 9am, played the D&D for Beginners event that I had pre-regged for with James and Dan. The event started well with an enthusiastic RPGA judge but we had too many players and they split us up. The non-noobs (us) ended up with the 3.5-Fanboy 10/4E Apologist 2 judge instead. It could have gone better. General impression: as suspected, the system seems interesting in play and definitely merits more investigation.

Went to lunch at the North Market with the usual suspects (me, Britt, Dan, Ben Stein, Amy, Dani, and Zach). Was mocked for eating pizza. Pizza was good. Nostalgic Amber and Ithaca reminiscing was plentiful.

After lunch made a partial run through the Dealer’s Room and learned to play Dominion. Dinner was groceries in the hotel room as planned.

Zach then taught me, Ben, Dan, and James how to play Garbagemen, the game he’s working on. Had some interesting game play in a Munchkin-esque fashion. Provided feedback then crashed for the night.

FRIDAY: First event of the day Origins Premier Track. Supposed to be about playtesting new games that are still in development. Instead spent an hour being taught how to play games available in the Dealer’s Room. Not sure why I paid money for demo I could have gotten for free.

Lunch at North Market tasty Indian food with usual suspects. Finish with fancy ice cream.

Seems likely I played something after lunch but I’ve forgotten what due to a combination of sleep-deprivation and ridiculous amounts of gaming in a small time-period.

SATURDAY: Slept relatively well. Got up and had breakfast with Britt and Zach.

Went to seminar about game design given by Lewis Pulsipher. Already knew most of what he was saying but he’s an interesting guy with some interesting opinions.

Early lunch at North Market with Britt and Ben: three-cheese lasagna. Decent. Apple streusel for dessert, meh.

Then went to the Dealer’s Room and played Race for the Galaxy with Britt and Ben. Acquired the game shortly after.

Taught Amy and Ben how to play Kingsburg while Britt played Agricola with Dani and Zach. Afterward, mixed and matched to play Agricola with Ben and Zach.

Played brief game of Dominion Intrigue with Zach while Ben went looking for his friends, Tom and Kate(?). When Ben returned, we all adjourned to the Open Gaming Area to play a game of Battlestar Galactica. Despite best efforts, Cylon Ben and Cylon Zach succeeded in destroying the human race. Very sad.

Decided to have a hot dinner. Ate BBQ pulled pork in the food court with Britt and Zach. Then ended up playing Can’t Stop while waiting to see whether Britt, Ben, and Zach had tickets to care in tournament. Turned out Britt and Zach cared but Ben did not.

After being located by Howard and James Hamblin in the Board Room, played epic game of Power Grid with those gentlemen and Ben Stein. It being Ben’s first time, rules were taught and we played with the expansion power-plant deck. Very strange but tense game. I came in third to James and Howard.

SUNDAY: Got up earlier than necessary. Went to the Board Room. Played short game of Le Havre. Still don’t fully understand how to play that game. Briefly met up with the majority of Team Ithaca to hang out and chat before the opening of the Dealer’s Room. Made one last run through the Dealer’s Room before returning to the hotel to pack for check-out. Checked-out of hotel, then drove home. Took wrong turn on the highway, almost ended up in Gary. Tactical stop at gas station in Crown Point allowed for course correction. Avoided Chicago and dropped James off in Rockford. Made it home a little after 9pm. Susan very happy to see us. Much purring and cuddling. Sleep.


  1. Small World
  2. Dominion
  3. Dominion Intrigue
  4. Garbagemen (playtest)
  5. Agricola
  6. Colloseum
  7. Can’t Stop
  8. Le Havre
  9. Race for the Galaxy
  10. Kingsburg
  11. Zombiegeddon
  12. Lost Cities
  13. Battlestar Galactica
  14. Power Grid
  15. Union Pacific
  16. D&D 4E
  17. Airships


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  1. Dan / Jul 1 2009 8:16 am

    I should probably write up my own blurb about Origins, but for now I will simply say that it was great seeing you guys and getting to hang out for a good long while.

    I think that the 4E game went pretty well, all things considered. That doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the things I didn’t do in the NDSM games… those I keep going over in my head, thinking I should have done differently 🙂

  2. Britt / Jul 1 2009 1:43 pm

    I think Friday afternoon was Airboats, and Union Pacific in the evening. Does that make sense? And thanks for the reminders for those two; I apparently had blocked them out of my memory.

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