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July 3, 2009 / jadettman


Anachronism is a weird little collectible-ish card wargame. The idea is that you’re playing one of history’s greatest warriors in an arena fight against your opponent’s history’s greatest warrior. There is also a mix-n-match combo element to the game which is, you know, the fun part.

Anyway, I used to play Anachronism a lot in Ithaca. It’s a fun time and, since it takes ten minutes or less to play, you can throw down with someone in between other games ow while waiting for a game you were eliminated from to finish up.

So, sometime after we moved to Wisconsin, when I stopped paying attention, TriKing Games (makers of Anachronism) went out of business. It may have something to do with the rumors that they weren’t paying their artists. I couldn’t say.

What this means for me, though, is that I was able to pick up two of the card sets that I missed while I wasn’t paying attention at Origins. I haven’t gone through them all quite yet but they look good.

Now I need to find some opponents.



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  1. Paul / Jul 4 2009 10:56 am

    I actually had one of the sets of these, but couldn’t find any opponents. I don’t think, alas, I have the cards anymore

  2. J.A. Dettman / Jul 5 2009 6:49 am

    That is unfortunate, Paul.

    I’ve found that if I carry around a few warriors with me I can usually find someone to give it a try when they’re waiting around for something. It’s always fun and sometimes they enjoy it enough to buy a few warriors for themselves.

    What’s surprising to me, in retrospect, is that some enthusiastic fan hasn’t made a version of the game that can be played in a browser. It’s a simple enough game.

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