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August 23, 2009 / jadettman

Busy, busy

The busy time has come.

My day job is usually pretty sedate. Folks come in looking for books, we either have what they are looking for, order it for them, or they go order it from the internet. Regardless, this is not a job that requires super-speed or provides non-stop action. Also, recently, it was the summer. The summer is the time when we are lulled into forgetting the coming horrors of ‘Rush.’

The students began moving back in this week and Rush officially began yesterday, as far as I’m concerned. Yesterday, I sold more books, helped more people, and boxed more orders than I have for, probably, the entire summer. It was a crazy non-stop roller-coaster ride for about six hours with a few moments of calm scattered about to allow us to stop and appreciate the madness.

Today, I get to rest, relax, and prepare for next week when I’m going to do all of that again, this time for three to four days in a row. Yay!


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