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September 11, 2009 / jadettman

Missing the New Who

There are a lot of weird little shows that I watched when I was a kid. A major one (to me) was Doctor Who.

I used to catch episodes of Doctor Who on PBS and, when I got started, Tom Baker was playing the Doctor and he was awesome. Admittedly, as the first incarnation of the Doctor that I experienced, I’m probably biased so I doubt that you’ll be surprised when I say that Tom Baker was the best Doctor that the old series offered. The Doctors that came before never interested me nearly as much and the later Doctors were better but still didn’t live up to Tom Baker’s.

Enough about the old Who, though. This is supposed to be about the new Who.

When I heard that Doctor Who was coming back to television after fifteen-years away I will admit that I was cautiously optimistic. I really wanted to enjoy some Doctor Who goodness but, simultaneously, I was worried that it would suck and/or the enthusiasm of my youth would not be matched by the quality of the new show.

Long story short: yeah, the new Doctor Who is frickin’ awesome. I’ve seen the first four seasons, so far, and it has not disappointed. Which is not to say that their haven’t been bumps in the road.

I really loved Christopher Eccleston’s performance as the Doctor in the first season of the new show and I was quite disappointed when he jumped ship so quickly. I didn’t warm to David Tennant as the Doctor quite as quickly but, after a few episodes, I settled in and really started to enjoy his performance.

Now, I hear they’ve got another guy coming in and I’m wary again. So far, my only impression of the new guy (Matt something, I think; yeah, I’m not going to bother learning his name until I’m sure his version of the Doctor doesn’t suck) is that his hair looks kinda silly. Superficial, I know, but right now all I’ve got to go on is a few promotional stills.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve watched any of the new Doctor Who and I’m missing it a little bit. As I haven’t worked buying the DVDs into our budget quite yet, I’m going to have to see if any of the seasons at the public library are available.


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