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September 16, 2009 / jadettman

The Itch

I’ve sworn off forums, again, for a little while. It’s rough.

Forums are a major source of gaming information for me but they are also a major time-sink. On a normal day, I probably spend upwards of two hours reading Story-Games or RPGnet which, now that I put it down in words, sounds ridiculous and amazingly frivolous.

Seriously? I spend hours a day reading about games and gaming? (Does it help that I usually read them at the same time that we’re watching television at night?)

Hell, that doesn’t even take into account the time that I spend thinking about all of the material I’ve read, reading all of the material linked to in the forums, and then reading my RSS feeds. Then there is reading the games themselves . . .

Yeah, I may spend too much time reading. I should probably spend a little more time on writing or doing housework, or something.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve given the forums up temporarily and I’m feeling it. The temptation to click on the bookmarks has been strong, especially yesterday night and tonight because Britt has been off working. I’m sure that it will be worse on my day off tomorrow. I’m already making plans to keep busy.


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