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September 21, 2009 / jadettman

SotC – First Session

Sunday, we played the first session of our post-alien-apocalypse game (powered by Spirit of the Century). It was a learning session for all of us, and it had been a while since we’d gotten together, so things were a little stop and go but things are still looking pretty good.

This first time out our hapless band of government agents were sent into the lawless suburbs of Minneapolis to find the unruly jerks who were firing surface-to-air missiles at the helicopters carrying power-plant workers to and from their shifts.

Why were they doing this, you may ask? Yeah, we’re still not sure.

We did some recon to determine who was responsible for these shenanigans and it turned out that a local arms-dealer named The Spider had been passing missiles around the suburbs. Then we learned that one of my character’s old thugs, Skull Jones, had started his own gang and was responsible for the latest attacks.

We tracked Skull’s thugs (confusingly also known as The Skulls) down to a crazy suburban nightclub where we beat some guys up. Unfortunately, we had to cut the session short there, leaving the adventure off for next week.

Anyway, next week we’ll keep stumbling along with the system. Already, the Aspects of SotC have been pretty cool so now we just have to get everything else under our belts and that should be fun. No, really.  🙂


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