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September 23, 2009 / jadettman

Already Broken

I’ve already given up my latest forum break. It turns out that when I give up forums I, instead, spend a ridiculous amount of time over at RPG Geek creating entries for obscure games both old and new.

Now, overall I don’t find creating new entries over at the Geek to be a waste of time. Between BoardGameGeek, RPG Geek, and the RPGnet Game Index, there are some amazing resources for gamers on the internet and, of course, those just scratch the surface. Adding to the collective knowledge-base of the community is a worthwhile endeavor but, even so, there are other things I could be doing.

Happily, I haven’t gone back to the forums whole-hog quite yet. I’ve been able to get some writing done and I’ve also been working on some non-rpg tabletop games, too. Perhaps I’ll keep it up.


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