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October 23, 2009 / jadettman

RockCon Friday

So, my plan to live-blog RockCon fell through due to a lack of foresight: I forgot to plug in my netbook. Here’s the after action report instead.

I showed up for the con around 3:30 and immediately rant into the familiar face of David Floss. David and I met two RockCons ago and, surprisingly, he remembered me. My memory for people tends to be a little more fleeting, sadly, so he merely looked familiar to me until he reminded me of the particulars of our previous meeting.

This year, David and a few of his cohort are funning the Board Game Corner at the con. They’ve got a bunch of boardgames and if you walk up and ask they will teach you to play one. They’ll also play something with you if you already know how too, making a knock-out in another game less of an aggravation.

Games played:

  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Prophecy

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