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November 2, 2009 / jadettman

Goings On

No deep gaming thoughts this morning, so here’s a list of various things that occur to me:

  • No gaming over the weekend but lots of socializing.
    • Saturday we drove down to Rockford and ate at the India House with Nicole, one Britt’s colleagues.
    • Sunday we had brunch with Ben and Melinda and, of course, Henry.
  • I worked on Saturday and it was cold so it was surprising to me just how many children and parents came to the Halloween Parade.
  • Saturday was also the last day for the Farmer’s Market this year.
  • I’m continuing to prepare for AmberCon North West which is happening in Portland next weekend. This will be the first AmberCon I’ve been to since we went to the Black Road in 2003(?).
  • Last week, I joined the Role Play Media Network. As yet, not a much of interest is going on there beyond the existence/forming of a new social network.
  • I’ve been reading some interesting new blogs recently. I’ll probably share more about those later.

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