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November 7, 2009 / jadettman

ACNW: Update #1

Obviously, I’ve been busy. Also, sleep deprived.

Friday at ACNW went pretty well. I took the first slot of the day off which turned out pretty well for me as the breakfast service was interminably slow (i.e. it took them 45 minutes to take my order and another 45 to deliver it).

After breakfast, I went for a soak in the hotel’s heated outdoor soaking pool which, unfortunately, was still recovering heat after they were forced to repair three of its four heating elements on Friday. Despite this, it was very pleasant.

In the day’s second slot I ran my game, The Scavenger Hunt. The game turned out well and everyone had a good time, which was a relief to me as it was the first time I’d run it at an AmberCon or, for that matter, for a group of people the majority of whom I was unfamiliar. As I said though, it turned out well.

For the third slot, I played in a wacky SF game of Amber with a Logan’s Run kinda feel. We were children of Oberon kept in a self-contained habitat and forced to be awesome. Like more awesome than your usual, better-than-average Amberite. It was a little crazy. We declared ourselves Switzerland after some of the characters broke out of our prison and we had a horribly one-sided military engagement.

Update #2 to come soon.


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