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November 10, 2009 / jadettman

ACNW: Update #2

Saturday and Sunday at ACNW:

Saturday I played in two games: Stalemate and Mysterious ways. Only two games because the first Saturday slot is 7.5 hours long.

The premise of Stalemate was that the wars between Amber and Chaos had continued long after the Black Road War, like 300+ years. The players were Chaos-ites involved in the machinations of the war and it was our job to kick some Amber butt. The games started us off with a serious Amber offensive driving deep into Chaos territory and it was looking bad for our team. Two-thirds of the party were Power players, whereas my strengths were in Warfare though one of the Powers players also had a decent investment in Warfare so I did have an ally there. So, while my ally and I ran a largely conventional war in which we chose to ignore the Amber beachhead and instead make our own strike deep into Amber territory, the other players were busy trying to thwart the advancing Amber forces through assassination and other means. In the end, the Warfare Party came crashing down on Amber and, with assistance from the Power Party, conquered Amber. The most noticeable bump along the way was when one of our number decided to defect to the other side and made a hash of the defenses left behind in Chaos. Fortunately, battlefield protocol saved the day and Chaos was triumphant (at least for a while).

Mysterious Ways was another game set in Chaos but this time around we were agents of King Merlin who were sent to get back a stolen artifact and prevent a blood-feud when things suddenly went sideways. In this game, I reprised an old character named N’nemyet. N’nemyet is an amusing fellow (to me, anyway) because he is essentially a glorified interior decorator as well as being a bit of a coward and a sissy. In game terms, he is actually a Ways Master, which means that he makes a living by fabricating Shadows for the elite of Chaos, and this makes him quite adept at using the Logrus, which is the primary reason he was sent on the mission presumably. Anyway, it turned out that there were shenanigans afoot in Mistways (the resort hotel that the thief holed up in) and all sorts of weird nonsense sidetracked our humble mission. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot (since the GM said that it’s a game he runs at conventions) so I’ll simply say that it was an amusing four hours and we triumphed in the end.

Sunday was the last day of the convention. I played in one last game and hung around for the convention after-party.

The game was The Illusion of Time and, though interesting, it was a touch on the slow side which was fine by me as I was really dragging by then. I don’t feel like giving a super-detailed description of the game background but, suffice to say, it was set 10,000 years into the future, Amberites were not immortal, and anyone could try attune to one of the Major Powers (though death was still a frequent result for those that did). In the end, we made it about a quarter of the way through what the GM had planned for the game.

The after-party kicked off in the Power Station (one of the many bar/restaurants at the Edgefield) where I grabbed some dinner before many of us headed over to the Admin Lodge for the Obie Awards, which celebrate a number amusing achievements over the course of the convention. Also, there is chocolate cake and socializing. While I can’t recall all of the Obie winners, I have to mention that James Dobbs who went to the con with me won the Obie for Best Betrayal for his performance in Stalemate. Great job, James! The chocolate cake was tasty but a little to bitter for me.

After the Obies, many of us gathered in the hotel’s soaking pool to enjoy the heat and pleasant chatter about the weekend. I was one of those, at least until I became sufficiently prune-y at which time I retired to my room and crashed hard.

Monday, I spent the day traveling home. Thus, due to a lack of free airport wifi, you get a post today instead of yesterday.


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  1. James / Nov 12 2009 11:59 am

    Thanks for the mention Jason. That Con was a ton of fun. I will most definitely be returning next year.

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