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November 20, 2009 / jadettman

How much?

I am a gamer.

Some folks don’t like being pigeon-holed or labeled but, honestly, I don’t mind that label because it is true: I enjoy playing games, in many cases, games that lots of other people have no interest in playing for whatever reason. I think that, given the option, I could play games every day for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there are other things that must be done that prevent that from happening.

When we lived in Iowa City [interesting fact: while I played games before moving to Iowa City, I wasn’t a gamer until I did], I played games two to three days a week. Sunday was the day that I played Amber with Ahmad’s group. Friday or Saturday, I would run my roleplaying game if I had one going and the other day would likely be for boardgames or CCG. It was a pretty good pace for gaming, though it slacked somewhat after I graduated from the University of Iowa.

My golden age of gaming really happened in Ithaca. Fridays there was Games Club at Cornell where we played boardgames or CCGs nearly every Friday regardless of weather or holidays. On Sundays, the Amber group met. Again, meetings were extremely regular and rarely missed. Monday nights were for Shadowfist or Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, two of my most played CCGs. In addition to these regular gatherings there were also the occasional irregular or spur-of-the-moment games that would pop up throughout the week. Good times.

Looking back, I think it is the regularity, or dependability, that made gaming in Ithaca great. Don’t get me wrong, the friends that I played the games with had a big influence too but (don’t tell anyone I said this) I don’t generally game with uninteresting people. That’s part of the fun: finding the awesome people and gaming with them. Everywhere that I’ve played games, there were awesome people so, while I miss all of the old friends that I used to game with, I still have awesome people to play games with.

Since moving to Wisconsin, though, I think that I’ve been trying to recreate the regularity of gaming that I used to enjoy. Thursday night boardgames at TiY have helped in that respect. I suspect that will be disrupted somewhat as we head into the holidays. The Sunday roleplaying group is a little too irregular, unfortunately, for my tastes. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy playing with that group, quite the contrary, but our schedules are just disparate enough that we don’t play regularly.

This brings us to Friday nights. Britt and I were recently invited to play with another roleplaying group on Fridays. We’re kicking off our initial campaign with this group with a Scion game which is a little more traditional than we’ve played in a while. I’m hoping that this will be a regular thing (from what we’ve heard, it certainly sounds like it) though I’m expecting the usual holiday disruptions.

At this stage, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. With the addition of the new group, this will bring us up to two nights of, hopefully, regular gaming with a third irregular day on the weekend. After the last few years, this may be just the thing to finally satisfy my search for the elusive “enough gaming” that I’ve been conducting.

One way or the other, I’m sure you’ll hear more about it later. 🙂


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