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November 23, 2009 / jadettman

Does this make sense to anyone else?

(I hope you’ll forgive me if recent, and near future, posts meander a bit. I think the mucus is encroaching on my brain. If you’re wondering why I’m talking about politics, I’ll plead that as the excuse too.)

I’m getting fed up with the recession. To be more precise, I’m getting fed up with the business environment and the mindset that profits are more important than your employees.Now, I realize that losing money is bad. It’s bad for everyone, not just businesses. However, it seems to me that during a recession a business needs to calibrate it’s idea of profits to the situation at hand.

Businesses are cutting costs during the recession by firing and laying off workers and reducing the number of hours of those people they keep on. I’ve heard stories of people that have worked for their employer for 15 or more years being ground down with unreasonable demands, one assumes in an attempt to get them to quit so that the company can hire someone for less. People are losing their homes and struggling to survive.

The situation would be ridiculous if it weren’t so desperately sad.

So people are having their wages cut because people aren’t buying. People aren’t buying because they’re disposable income evaporated when their wages were cut. Anyone else see the crazy circular logic of this situation?

Maybe if we worried just a little bit less about the bottom line and a little more about our employees as people this situation wouldn’t be quite as dire. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Let’s say, we keep our employees working. We know that the economic situation is going to get better. We may not know when it will get better but everything I’ve read says that it will. So, let’s start with believing that and keeping our trained and experienced employees working so that they can pay their bills. They also won’t be looking for a new job while they’re at it.

Sure, due to the recession, they’re probably going to be saving a little more money and spending a little less. You know what, though? They’ll have that money! Eventually, they’ll realize that they’ve got more money in the bank than they’ve had in years and they will start spending it again. They will buy that doodad that they’ve been wanting. They will be able to buy their family something nice for the holidays.

That money will spread itself around and this recession will slowly go away.

Instead of doing that, businesses are keeping money out of the hands of those workers. You know, those people that have loyally and diligently worked all these years to keep your customers happy. The ones with the skills, knowledge, and experienced that you’ve invested in. Yeah, those people. The ones that are scraping by, many of them lucky to be buying groceries and not losing their home.

If you don’t pay them, how can you expect them to give you money for the things you want to sell them?


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