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November 30, 2009 / jadettman

Holiday Gaming

The holiday season tends to be a tough time to get a group together for gaming. People are traveling or sick and, if they’ve got a retail job, hours tend to be longer during the holidays in hopes that more people will come in to consume. It’s often a campaign killer for unprepared groups. On the other hand, for my Rockford group, we always seem to be on the verge of campaign/group collapse. That’s just how erratically we meet (or so it seems from where I sit).

Realistically, I should probably just suck it up and resign myself to the fact that we’re all busy adult-type humans with disparate schedules and that we’re lucky to meet as frequently as we do. As I mentioned last week, though, I’ve been lucky enough to have some ridiculously dedicated and stable gaming groups (as recently as three years ago). When you get used to something, you come to want and expect it. It’s human nature to want regularity and routine. This is doubly true for me.

Anyway, this post was prompted by the cancellation of our gaming session yesterday. James wasn’t feeling 100% and Peter’s wife was under the weather too so they both thought it best to cancel. These are both reasonable reasons not to game and I agreed with them wholeheartedly.

It also gave me something to blog about since the last time we were able to get together was October 25th, the Sunday of RockCon. Granted I went to AmberCon NW in the meantime.

Okay, I’m going to stop complaining now. I’d rather be gaming but that is frequently the case.


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