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January 15, 2010 / jadettman

Spontaneity and Scheduling

This was a hectic week at work. It was the first week of classes at Beloit College for the Spring semester and a very busy week for selling textbooks. I doubt it surprises anyone that those two events are connected.

This week being especially hectic caused me to think about my somewhat obsessive need to schedule and my tendency to shy away from spontaneity. See, the basic truth is that I like to have things planned out. I tend to see this as being prepared. It makes me comfortable, happy, and gives me a sense of order like I know what’s going on. Also (and tell me if this makes any sense, at all), having a plan also gives me a sense of what kind of mindset and mood I need to be in so I can do my best to prepare for that. It doesn’t always work, of course. I can plan to be in a receptive/cooperative roleplaying mood but if I wake up tired and cranky it can be difficult to overcome.

So, “what’s the deal with spontaneity?” you may ask and, “Why does it make you uncomfortable and unhappy?”

The short answer is, “I don’t know.” The slightly longer answer is that I can get bored rather easily, my time is as important as anyone’s, and, in my experience, spontaneity results in less fun/productivity (especially as the number of effected parties increases) and I don’t want to be the person not having fun or being productive.

Now, the funny part here is that, on a small scale, I’m as spontaneous as anyone within a certain framework. I don’t plan my days off in excruciating detail, just as an example, because a day off is slack time. Generally, in the morning, I will make a list of four or five things that I want to accomplish that day, mentally determine which have a higher importance, and then we’re off to the races.

. . .

I guess the important realization here (and, yes, I just had this epiphany while writing this post) is that what I prefer to schedule is my interactions with other people.

Huh. I wonder why?

I’m going to go think about that.


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